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The Source C02 Tank system.
Brand new, never filled. $225.00, plus shipping. CO2 is an inexpensive and inert (non-flammable/non-reactive) gas that can be obtained from your many locations including your local welding supply, fire extinguisher service or paintball supply store Comes with everything you need. 15lb tank, regulator, hose & chuck. Read up on it, you will be impressed! The 15lb tank is about $14 bucks to fill.
HyperFlo Sport Series 15#/960gl Complete CO2 System
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I have one mounted in my toyhauler. When we take trips to the coast & pull the rig out onto the sand, I am able to air up the 35” Duramax tires & the hauler tires for 3 trips after airing down to 25 from 55psi (Duramax) and 20 from 80 (Toyhauler). I run impacts, die grinders, potato gun, etc off the tank as well. Fixed regulator @ 150 makes harbor freight tools scream! (But you can run a regulator @ 90 psi if you want to :eek:)
These are great systems! Beats a slow *** 12 volt compressor hands down. I used to distribute these systems for Cramer Decker, but life,wife & child demand my time nowadays. This is my last one.

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