The Second Amendment IS 'common sense'

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Aug 31, 2015.

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    The streets would be red with blood if they tried that AUS confiscation here. Sadly its a political ploy. Say something batbubblegum crazy unconstitutional then propose a subtle lesser restriction.. They do this EVERY time.

    Sadly, we'll see:

    Magazine capacity bans
    Online ammo sale bans
    Ammunition limitations
    Modern sporting rifle and pistol bans
    Safety lock/safe storage requirements with proof and inspection.
    Further Limited shooting areas
    Mandatory Firearm insurance

    And if they beat our will to fight that far down, confiscation.
    bubblegum'em, I will not obey unconstitutional laws and limitations and a bunch of other guys wont either.
    What we need to do is start beating the drum of "oppression" and say they are attacking firearm owners right of expression and persuit of happiness. We need to start fighting back when it comes to our ability to carry when ever and where ever because ANY limitation on that is discrimination. Start brining up the fact that being anti firearm is bigotry, start bringing up the terms they've been calling us
    (gun nuts, extremeists, right wing, ammo sexual..etc) are slanderous/pejorative and that it too is a form of discrimination and shall NOT be tolerated. Lets beat them at their own game.

    Perhaps if firearm owners stand up, and I mean truly stand up, like what we see at our rallies and OC events more often they'll see we arent intimidated. We cant keep turning the other cheek to these socialists, its making us weaker and weaker and they keep gaining ground. Its time we push back and so hard they'll drop this bubblegum altogether and leave us alone.
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    "...While attempting to support the Obama Administration’s new push to force mandatory gun buybacks, Tania Lombrozo made the following claim about Australia’s gun laws.

    Last year, President Obama suggested the U.S. follow Australia’s example by adopting a strict gun ban on semi-automatic and automatic weapons. Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since it enacted the legislation in 1996..."

    And then, Bob Owens immediately countered her unfounded assertions:
    "...At Monash, seven people were shot (two fatally) by a murderous student who was armed with multiple handguns. All six handguns were acquired legally. The attacker was later determined to be mentally ill. The Hectorville siege that saw seven people shot (three fatally) was conducted with a shotgun that was legal under Australian law. The attacker in this incident was also found to be mentally ill. The Hunt family murderswere likewise carried out with a legally-owned shotgun. The murderer in this instance was thought to be highly stressed due to his wife’s head injury..."
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    They do it slowly on purpose so as not to disturb the resistance too much. The Saul Alinsky model is, sadly, working in modern America. They load our local, state and federal government positions with their own and just keep chipping away. Meanwhile, Joe the Plumber is busy trying to make an honest living, raise a family, and, in his spare time, try and thwart the assault. The rest, it would appear, are too frigging busy watching the Kardashians :rolleyes:.
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    Here are some ideas:

    1. Focus on those who commit the most crimes - young adults 19-24 and people of color. It sounds racist, but the numbers don't lie. 12% of the population commits 50+ % of the crime. Race may not be the real identifier, education, poverty, and location may be just be as accurate, but they are not tracked by the FBI UCR.

    2. Possession of guns by people who are barred from owning them should be punished with 20+ year sentences. Most gun violence is perpetrated by repeat offenders.

    3. Police should be able to frisk previous offenders - to ensure they are gun-free.

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    Here's why many believe the common interpretation of the 2nd A is wrong.
    They watch TYT and other similar Progressive propaganda sites posing as News and don't bother to fact check in the least.
    This guy does an interesting dissection of a recent TYT 2ndA smear piece. The Chattanooga Recruiting Station shooting retort to TYT is excellent as well!
    Caution. A few curse words. Keep young ears away.

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