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    by Brian Cates

    When liberals do not have a fresh "outrage case" to distract from their failed social policies on violent crime, they have a back up plan: scapegoating guns and the NRA.

    In a previous column, I discussed how Democrats long in charge of many of our failing big cities such as Detroit & Chicago who are looking for cover from the results of their own failed social policies will unite with the racial grievance industry in order to put forth "White Racism/Supremacy" as an explanation for their failures. To make this work, they need recent "outrage cases" in order to keep people's focus away from the politicians and community leaders most responsible for the incompetence and corruption that has led to the terrible present situation, most especially for inner city blacks.

    Like Middle-Eastern dictators constantly haranguing their oppressed, poverty-stricken populace with convoluted "explanations" of how "the Jews" are to blame for all their problems, progressive leaders have learned to scapegoat conservatives and Republicans in order to avoid accountability for their own failures.

    All failure must be seen as a symptom of evil conservative/Republican activity. It is always going to be the right's fault, even in places where Liberals have been in charge for as long as anybody can remember. The topic of the conversation can never be allowed to become why progressive policies are not working.

    You will know when you are successfully changing the discussion to what progressives are trying to avoid because they cannot scream "racist" and "bigot" at you fast enough.

    When there is not a recent enough outrage case to use for their purposes, politicians like Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago quickly learn to use another handy scapegoat to keep attention off themselves. That is to proffer guns and the National Rifle Association as the cause of your city's violent crime.

    After a particularly bad night in Chicago - like the one the city just had, in which more than 18 people got shot, 13 of them in one mass shooting - you will see Emanuel dash out of City Hall to stand in front of a bunch of cameras and talk about the fact this happened because gun control in Chicago isn't strict enough yet. He will pontificate that if only a few more gun control laws were passed, the problem will be fixed.

    Is it not time the liberals running these big cities, where over 3/4ths of all violent murders take place, admit criminal control and gun control are not the same thing? They have tried and failed to control the gun "problem" for decades. How about focusing on the criminalproblem instead? Is it not obvious if they solve the criminal problem the gun problem pretty much takes care of itself?

    "Wait.....what did you just say? Gun control & criminal control aren't the same thing??!!"

    But that is the rub. They cannot fix the criminal problem, because if they tried that, they would automatically morph into being a bunch of racists. Guns have no race, so they are easy to attack. Cracking down on black criminals preying on the black community in your city? That is a different story.

    The fact is, these city leaders are paralyzed with terror. They are ideologically bound to these failed criminal justice policies. Their pride will not let them admit they were wrong and their commitment to political correctness means they reject directly going after black criminals in black sections of the city. The moment there is a sharp uptick in the number of blacks being arrested and imprisoned in their city, all the usual racial huckstering suspects are going to rally on the steps of City Hall and demand these new Gestapo tactics cease immediately.

    So they end up in this intolerable situation in which they keep stalling in order to "give the policies more time to work" and hoping vainly, despite all evidence and experience, that the problem is going to somehow get better on its own without their having to take any risky or costly steps.

    And this scapegoating of guns and the NRA is key to the stalling process.

    They would rather the present situation continue than take concrete steps to regain control of parts of their city they have ceded to gang control, which means they are tacitly accepting the deaths of hundreds of black people in a trade off. The bitter truth is as long as the vast majority of this violence and crime is limited to "the black areas," they are not willing to step up and deal with it. They are taking the easy, cheap, politically correct route. They are cowards.

    And so we will continue to get this present charade of all the usual suspects patting each other on the back over how "brave" they are in talking about White Racism, guns, and the NRA. And thousands of mostly young black men will continue dying every year.

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