The saga of the Charter Arms revolver

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by westernsky20, Aug 15, 2009.

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    This is the story of an experience I’m having trying to buy a Charter Arms revolver. I traded a rifle for a Charter Arms 38 spl. Revolver with coctailer. Being that I live in Oregon and coctailer lives in Washington he had to transfer it down to fortmoe to pickup there. So Monday evening I call up and make arrangements to go and pick it up. I get down there and fill out the paper work and fortmoe calls in for the check with the law. While I was sitting there a strange thing happened the gun came back stolen. This is rather odd considering the gun is new, but the lady on the other end of the line wants to have the sheriff department come out and check. So the wait begins mean while the next appointment shows up for her rifle so while I’m waiting he gets here taken care of. Half way thought this the sheriff deputies show up and now she has to wait while he deals with the deputies. So the deputies take the gun out to the squad car to sort it out with the powers that be and he gets back to finishing up with the nice lady legal check. Naturally he gets put on hold for the next 45 min or so and now she has to wait. So there we sit until she figures she had better go out to the car and tell her husband who is waiting with the kids what is going on we all think he might be wondering. She comes back in and he gets through finely to make the check and the deputies come back in. he asks the deputies if he can finish her sale up and they are ok with it. Her sale goes through and she is on her way. The deputies say I can’t have my gun because the serial and model number match a gun that was stolen in 1970. They have to call back to the factory and get a paper trail proving the history of the gun, so they ask fortmoe to keep it in his safe until the checks can be made, but to be patient because the deputy doing the work works nights and it is going to take some time. So this is where it is for right now coctailer has got return permission from charter arms to send it back for a different one and is playing phone tag with the deputy to get the gun released so he can send it back. Mean while I’m sitting here wondering why I can’t get this kind of luck with power ball numbers.

    Forgive the bad grammar writing was never my strong suit.
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    Sounds like a little bit of a pain. At least you are dealing with two good dudes.

    I don't know how many ownership changes Charter has gone through but if they have gone through any I could see how the records could get a little mixed up. If none then they just suck. ;)
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    Wow thats some crazy luck. Maybe your gun was made in 1970, then sent forward in time to 2009, and of course since it disapeared in 1970 it was reported stolen for 39 years. :D

    Find the time machine and this should be all cleared up in a jiffy. :bluelaugh:
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    What a pain in the ***!
  5. Joe Link

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    Like JAFO said, while the situation sucks I can't think of two other people I'd rather have helping me out with it ;)

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