The safe is full. Now what?


It happened, guys. The biggest safe I could fit through my doors has been filled. But the problem is, I still have guns that need space. The most recent couple purchases have left a few dirty homeless in my gun room and I'm wondering where to go from here. Another safe isn't in the cards right now as I don't have a space available. Considered selling some that exist because I like having them around but they never get shot. As in, I put a few mags/boxes through, satisfied my curiosity and that was that. But I don't really sell things in general. Thought about going to my local FFL and just having the guy sell them for me? There will be purchases in the future, of course. Always will be. Thoughts?
Keep the ones that would be difficult or cost prohibitive to replace. Commonly available guns that aren’t used would go to the top of the “up for adoption” list...

Good advise for gun racks inside the safe, Liberty makes above/below shelf wires to efficiently handle handguns. They also make stocks for long guns, allowing them to stand up straight, thus allowing for denser population...


Set up with two shelves of pistols, one section for shorter long guns like ARs, AKs, levers, etc and one section for large/long long guns like my hunting rifles and such. Small rifles are piled onto each other like a confiscation picture, large rifles are about a double row, being careful of the scopes. Fortunately pistols don't take up much space and it's the long guns that are really crowded in there. Ammo has a different room altogether. Long story short, I need more depth and width than I do height. Maybe I'll try a rearrange tonight and see what I can make happen


The answer is simple, buy another :D
I have mentioned before I have never in my life owned this many guns at any one time. The laws made selling one so much damn hassle I now have a bunch of guns I would really rather have sold. Since I would have to give them away at so little of what I have in them I just kept buying more. Finally had to get another safe. Then added an alarm system too. I guess next is bury some in the back yard? :s0140:
(No I am not going to be digging any holes for them for those who are getting ready to type all kinds of info on why not to do this):D


Why are you using a safe, anyway? It's obvious you need a reinforced room to hold all your goodies.

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Tried to link the actual but here is the article
What I've done is put each gun into a padded gun sock , stacked every other one barrel down and each handgun is in a pistol rug stacked flat and deep on the shelves . I doubled the space in my safe that way. Everything nests like a folded origami piece,,,LOL!

Of course I still have ended up with 3 safes in the long run ! I did sell off about 15 guns recently though sense I moved and downsized my collection a little bit. But it seems when I do want something I have to un-stack the safe sense it seems what I want to use always seems to be in the very back of the safe. Gerrrrr!

I am moving right now and the place I bought is only 950 sq ft so I can't even get my safes inside anymore. I did buy a brand new 20 ft shipping container/ conex and put 2 in there now and will frame off a 8x8 room soon for a reloading room and bolted the safes to the floor. I think this will be my permanent solution for storage sense it's way more secure than a house would be anyways.

It gets hotter than "Billy Jesus " in there for sure but with some good insulation , extra ventilation and a pitched roof to keep the sun off ,that should tame the heat some I think? That's the plan anyways. I'll let you know how that works out,,,,

I could turn the whole thing into a gun room/ man cave too for that matter and that just may be what happens in the long run sense a conex runs 3800 bucks which is about what my 3 huge safes cost all together anyways.

Hopefully that will solve my storage issues I'm up against right now?

Hummmm, Lets see,,,1,172 cu ft of space,,,ya I think I can squeeze them all in that ? If not,,,,,I may have other problems that MAY require counsling ,,,LOL!!!


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