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Since Feb. I have had one approved at four days and one approved at 31 days.

If you are confused about how or why the new forms are being processed faster here are some answers from the horse's mouth

Q. Has NFA Division implemented processing changes to reduce the number of pending applications?
Yes. For example, NFA Division is reallocating resources to prioritize processing applications that have received a proceed from FBI-NICS in response to the required background check.

Q. Are NFA applications processed in a first in, first out basis?
No. While first in, first out is a guiding principle, NFA Division will focus its resources on processing those NFA applications that have received a proceed from FBI-NICS in response to the required background check. NFA applications were previously processed on a first in, first out basis, which resulted in delayed processing for NFA applications with a proceeded background check. For example, previously, a NFA application with a proceeded background check would not be processed until a NFA application with a delayed background check was resolved. Now, the NFA application with a proceeded background check gets priority for processing. NFA will continue to submit background checks to FBI-NICS in the order applications are received. NFA Division will then process NFA applications as it receives background check responses from FBI-NICS.

Q. What does NFA Division mean when it says there are application swim lanes?
The NFA examiners are assigned specific application types. For example, certain examiners will be assigned to process individual applicants while others are assigned to process trust applicants. Further, applications that are put into problem status will be processed at the end of the week. Examples for when an application is placed into problem status include failure to submit fingerprint cards, failure to submit photographs, failure to submit a responsible person questionnaire, or to research whether the applicant may make, possess, or receive the firearm under State law.

Q. My NFA application is submitted, but my background check has not been sent to FBI-NICS, why?
Due to the high volume of NFA application submissions and ATF's limited resources, NFA Division submits background checks to FBI-NICS in batches to maximize efficiency. As the number of pending NFA applications decreases, the background checks will be submitted to FBI-NICS closer to when the NFA application was received by NFA Division. Currently, background checks for individual applicants are sent to FBI-NICS the same week the NFA application is received by NFA Division.

Q. I submitted my NFA application the same time as my friend/family member/etc. and his or her NFA application was processed before mine, why?
NFA Division will not approve a NFA application unless it receives a proceed from FBI-NICS. Some background checks may take longer to process because FBI-NICS must perform additional research on the applicants background. As a result, two individuals who submit NFA applications at the same time may have their NFA application processed at different times because the background checks are completed by FBI-NICS and transmitted to NFA Division at different times.

Q. What can I do to make sure my background check is processed timely and accurately?
While it is not required, the simplest way to help ensure your background check is processed timely and accurately is to provide your social security number with the NFA application. Without the social security number, FBI-NICS may have to perform additional research to ensure the applicant is not prohibited, thereby delaying the background check response to NFA Division. For example, without a social security number, FBI-NICS will have to perform additional research to properly identify the applicant when the applicant has the same name as someone else with prohibiting information in the NICS database.

Q. If I have more than one application pending, will NFA Division process the applications at the same time?
Generally, yes, provided the applications are for an individual and the social security number was provided with the NFA application. NFA Division has implemented a bundling process which allows an examiner to review all pending applications of an individual. There is no need for an applicant to request bundling, this should be done automatically. Nor will NFA Division respond to requests to bundle applications beyond the bundling process that has been implemented.

Q. Is bundling available for trusts?
Yes, provided the trust entity for each pending application has a single responsible person, who is the same person, and the social security number was submitted with each application.

Q. Why do trust applications take longer to process than individual applications?
Trust applications require the examiner to perform several additional steps of review than an individual application. For example, the examiner must read each trust document to ensure it is a legitimate trust. The examiner must also read each trust document to ensure every responsible person to the trust submitted the required responsible person questionnaire.

Q. I use a simple trust template with only a single responsible person, will my application be processed as quickly as an individual?
No. Even when a trust template is used and there is only a single responsible person, there are several additional steps the examiner must perform when reviewing an application to transfer a firearm to a trust. The review of a trust application will always take longer than the review for an individual application.
Just got one approved today that I put in for on February 8th, that's 102 days. What's amazing is that this is a transfer to my NFA trust, so it appears that streamlining non trust transfers has had a positive impact on trust transfers as well. Mt last silencer took ten months IIRC.
I had submitted one (with a trust) on 7 Feb and had it approved on 28 Apr, so it took 81 days. The next one (individual) was submitted on 11 May at 5 pm and approved on 16 May at 5:30 am, so technically 4 and a half days.

I just had one approved in 19 hours. Submitted at 11am on 5/28 and approved at 6am on 5/29 (today). I'm still in shock!
This shows that there seems to be no rhyme or reason how approvals are done. As I stated above, on May 16th I got an approval after 4 1/2 days. 4 days later, on the 20th, I had another certified and am still waiting.

I had a 2 day approval time on my first can, and a 3 day approval time on my second can, which I got yesterday. I wanted cans for my plinkers, 9mm and 22LR, so I could plink at home without disturbing the neighbors.
... I wanted cans for my plinkers, 9mm and 22LR, so I could plink at home without disturbing the neighbors.
Smart move imo. Out of earshot = out of mind. 9mm perceived reduction typically about 85%. Critical to use subsonics though. With superSonics that crack travels a long ways even with a suppressor. 22 subs with decent sized suppressor is ridiculously quiet.

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