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    Has anyone seen this? Im thinking it might be cool..
    Convert your pistol-to-rifle!

    <broken link removed>

    NOTE: Supply from January 2010.
    Due to the huge demand, we are running a "waiting list". If you wish to insure yourself a spot - order now.

    The #RONI (pat-pending) provides you a better grip, stability & platform to many accessories. Now you can use your pistol for a greater range, faster aiming, better accuracy.
    No pistol disassembly required - just "drop" it into the shell.
    It is mandatory that the pistol has the integrated below rail.
    24cm upper flattop rail - allows combinations of sight, magnifier or night vision.
    Three Picatinny rails for additional accessories.
    Optional to add flip-up Backup sights (#FRS / #FRS).
    Accepts silencers - up to 35.5mm diameter.
    Optional to add quick release brass-catcher.
    Including Detachable folding forearm grip.

    NFA Warning

    This product is regulated by NFA rules. Transfer of this product is regulated by NFA rules.

    This product converts a pistol into a short barreled rifle (SBR). SBR are regulated under the laws of the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA). It is illegal to possess this product unless it is registered with Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives BATF&E (Form 1) or you are a Class 3 Dealer. It is illegal to transfer this product to anyone before they have registered this product with BATF&E. In ordered for us to sell this product we require a notorized copy of your BATF approved form 1.
    Please mail to the address below:
    1208 Branagan Drive
    Tullytown PA 19007
    Once we received your completed form 1 and payment we will ship the product and $50.00 cupon for free EMA products.

    EligibilityFor Glock: 17,18,19,21,22,31,32
    MaterialMade Of Alum+Poly
    MeasurementsWeight (gr) 33.510

    RailsTotal 4
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    That's it! I am moving back to Oregon!

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    It's interesting but I perfer the Mech Tech CCU since it turns your pistol into a true Carbine and not a pistol with an added stock and rails. Also the CCU is not considered an SBR, so no special tax stamp to purchase or deal with. The barrel length does not change on those kits, where as a Mech Tech CCU unit by design gives you a true 16.25" barrel for added muzzle energy and greater accuracy. I'd personally perfer a carbine then a SBR myself but it looks like a heck of a lot of fun just the same.

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