The professional victims have another Travon/Zimmerman type shooting.

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Bigfoot, Apr 21, 2012.

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    This one is even nastier. During Christmas holiday a fellas Rem 700 fired, he says without the trigger being pulled, went through a widow and shot three teens killing one as they were walking towards a car. Think he was playing sniper with a rifle that he failed to clear and touched the trigger? If it went through a wall first I could see it being an accident but what are the odds of hitting three people in the open?

    Strange that the case is being dredged up now. Holders civil rights unit is looking into it. Obama's speech will say 'If I had a third daughter she would look just like Jasmine.'

    He could have been charged with negligent homicide but he says it's Remingtons fault. When I hear about these cases I always wonder if the trigger pull has been lightened.

    I have two minds here. I don't like the politicizing of it but his story doesn't smell right. I'm sure the rifle is being tested but are these M700 safety malfunctions freak events that might never happen again even under testing?.

    Coming to a television set near you.
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    None of my 15+/- handguns, rifles, and shotguns have ever fired without my pulling the trigger. Just sayin.
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    Negligent discharge is just that...Negligence!! What was he doing with a loaded Rem 700 in his home in the first place...and with a round chambered??
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    There is a semi-known issue with the pre-"X mark pro" trigger mechanism on Rem 700s, which would allow the weapon to go off when the safety was disengaged.

    You do not need to touch the trigger, and barely need to touch the gun.

    MSNBC covered this with "Reminton Under Fire". While they certainly are in attack mode, they had facts to draw from. Included in their support:

    A) video of separate military and LE groups duplicating the errors.
    B) documents from military, LE, and even Remington's records, discussing the issue
    C) testimonials from victims and non-victims who have witnessed the errors, first hand
    D) the inventor of the rifle, saying that he brought up the issue while the first 200 rifles were in testing... and copies of documents in which he not only mentioned it, but also sketched a revision to the trigger mechanism.

    The trigger revision that he sketched IS the X Mark Pro mechanism. He designed it before the 700 went into mass production-- more than 40 years before they opted to use it.

    Edited to add:

    CSNBC, not MSNBC.

    Also: Remington's response has been that the discharges could not/have not been replicated in 'properly maintained' or 'unaltered' rifles.

    My personal belief:

    The issue has *never* come up with the X Mark Pro versions, so that seems to be the way to go.
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    gotta say, if I oops'ed someone to death, I'd expect repercussions
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    Reminds me of another "killing" from years ago...I was a kid, (this was in the 50's, so not this was not a Rem 700) and our family was visiting another family who were dary farmers. Their son who was a bit older then I was, decided to demonstrate for me how he was going to kill this big bull Elk. He took his rifle and aimed at his dad's prized herd bull,,,squeezed the trigger...and yep, killed that herd bull with one shot.

    Dumb, but I am also sure not the first one to do so. There is a reason ALL of my weapons are ALWAYS loaded...then there never is any doubt...yep, their loaded, treat them as such.

    You always have to keep in mind...don't point a weapon at ANYTHING you are not prepared to shoot...especially humans. That is one of the reasons using you rifle scope as binoculars is never a good idea.
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    Whats wrong with that? The majority of my firearms are loaded (actually) in my home. So?

    ANY gun is always loaded, even it if it laying in pieces on my bench being repaired or cleaned. Just like hermannr said ALL guns are ALWAYS loaded.
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    There is a law enforcement joke about having more than flashlight available, so that there are no dilated pupils when shining into suspect's face :D
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