The Outpost is a must read book

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    The Outpost by Jake Tapper is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. It's right at 650 pages with notes but it is well written and hard to put down. It's about COP Keating in Afghanistan and the trials and tribulations of counter-insurgency. The battle scenes are very well written such that the chaos and intensity of battle can be imagined without difficulty. The last 200 pages or so cover the battle just before COP Keating was closed down. I read this part of the book in just a few hours ... I simply couldn't put it down. Taliban actually made it into the camp. One of the soldiers is being awarded the MOH for his actions during this battle (Clint Romesha will be awarded the MOH on Feb. 11) and 2 others had been awarded the MOH posthumously for their actions during previous engagments in the area.

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