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This event has passed and there are no upcoming dates

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This event has passed and there are no upcoming dates
Friday Noon to 6pm, Sat 9a-6p, Sun 9a-2p.

This is it, boys. Tired of the same guns on the same tables at the same prices?? Tired of table after table of AR15's and accessories that can be purchased easily anywhere else?

Do you go to gun shows to learn? Do you go to gun shows to engage with like-minded people? How about a guarantee to see something you've never seen before?

Worth the trip if you'd like a window on a world where the bureaucrats have not yet whittled away all your Constitutional Rights, people wave at each other on a lonesome highway and you can't put a quart of oil in your truck in the parking lot without three people offering a ride or to help.

Just don't be the guy in the Ford Lightning (electric pickup) with California plates (maybe took him 6 days to get to Kalispell?) that high-centered while trying out his 4-wheel drive on a plowed snowdrift in the lot. Skinny Montana Cowboy walked by offering hope: "Maybe a Prius'll happen by and pull ya out." Somebody else was walking around the show with a Phone-Shot of the rig, and you could hear roars of laughter as he canvassed the room showing it to people.

See you there. :cool:
Last Edited:
@Joe Link got the right dates plugged in on the "schedule" portion of the announcement(as noted in my narrative). The "marquis" portion of this event thread is still confusing, with issues noted by Joe. Again, show ends Sunday 2pm.

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