Time and time again, the world over, the actions of a vanishingly small minority are used, by those who wish to disarm us, as an excuse to strip the law-abiding majority of their rights. And they are extremely successful. Somehow, someway (as I’ve tried to argue in the past) it seems to me that we need to start sending the message now, before the next mass shooting happens in our state, that we will not accept disarmament as a response to mass shootings explicitly. Because when the next shooting does happen, when emotions are running high, it will likely be too late to take the wind out of their sails.
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The Dems may be making a mistake in believing their own propaganda.
Who woulda thunk in June of '15 that Orange Man would beat Hitlery?
Not only is there time for unforeseen events to lay a role, but it's likely.
The wheels are starting to come off of the Orange Man Bad juggernaut. Participants are starting to think about rolling over. The extent of the treason, sedition and corruption of the Deep State is just starting to be revealed.
Fasten your seat belts and please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle. It's gonna get weirder before it gets better.

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