The Nation’s gun rules will no longer be written by WHO????

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    "So strong was support for the initiative—nearly 2 to 1 through most of the fall—that the NRA effectively conceded the contest, with the result that supporters of the initiative outspent opponents by a margin of $10 million to barely half a million. (Initiative spending in Washington must be disclosed, but is not otherwise limited.)
    This rare retreat by the NRA sets an example of how gun safety might be extended state-by-state in the years ahead."

    A lot of crowing how Bloomberg's money worked and the NRA gave up. But the end of the article burns me up!

    "it’s a harbinger of a possible new politics of guns, in which the nation’s gun rules will no longer be written by a fanatical and fearful minority of a minority."


    The hypocrisy, calling us fanatical and fearful. They have the irrational fear of guns!


    These people needs a real history lesson about America's gun RIGHTS not rules, aka The 2nd Amendment!, it's author, why it was written, and the many who died and fought to protect it!:mad:

    They just don't get it and never will, until it's too late!
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    If they actually wanted to have a positive stance on gun violence then they are going about it all wrong, thet are creating criminals out of the law abiding!!!

    They do not care one iota about combating gun violence, not one. They are all about people control plain and simple, stifling the law abiding gun owners is their goal.:mad::mad::mad:

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