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The art museum I was visiting not long ago had a painting I found interesting. I couldn't help but notice the wheellock in the piece, so took a close up:

gran obra de arte.jpg

Llave de rueda.jpg

Any works of art featuring a front-stuffer you like? Can be in person, a book, this'a'here new fangled Intratubes, or whatever. Enjoy. :)
I've got a print I picked up at a Friends of NRA banquet several years ago. It's titled "Silenced Honkers" by Paul Calle. I plucked the image off of the Internet. My print is matted and framed. I think the red coat really makes the scene "pop".

"La defensa de Zaragoza", by David Wilkie. The central figure is Agustina de Aragón, who was a heroine, and subject of folklore, during the Peninsular War era. She is sort of Spanish Joan of Arc, though her later years were more pleasant than the French lady. Anywho, I've liked this painting and figured it sort of fit the theme. :)

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