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    All violence is bad. -Except for state-sanctioned violence. While doing violence is morally wrong under all circumstances, we make sort of an exception for those men who do it on our behalf. -Mostly. We still think they're dangerous animals who are morally bankrupt. We don't trust them and wouldn't want to be one or have our daughters marry one (ooh, icky!) but it's ok when these guys do our violence for us. That way we can pretend we have no moral culpability for the acts they do. This is called "supporting our troops."

    All violence is bad.
    If you use violence in self-defense it's only because you were at fault to start with. Nice people are never victims. Only not nice people are victims. Except poor black people. they are always nice and an exception to the rule.

    If you weren't at fault when you were attacked, you'd have called the cops instead of using violence to defend yourself. Because violence is always wrong. The cops are always there, respond immediately and will always save you -With violence, but not the icky kind.

    Remember, if someone in uniform does violence for you, it's OK. If someone not in uniform does violence in the same way for the same reasons, it's BAD.

    Any weapon is just a tool of violence. the only reason you'd have one is because you must be violent, therefore BAD.

    Government agency is the solution to most real problems. People who try to help themselves are either the downtrodden poor who are foolish enough to think they can do it by themselves or exploiters of others. And probably violent and icky too.

    Weapons turn nice people into BAD people. And only BAD people really want them. Oh, and the stupid people too.
    This is why we need to get rid of all the weapons. If we just made them go away, everyone would be nice. And no one would EVER make a new weapon. -Except for BAD people. And that's why we have people in uniform.

    Government is often unjust, unaccountable and unfair. But it would never seek tyrannical power. -Unless it's a Republican administration.

    If you think the government might try to implement tyranny, you're delusional and paranoid. History tells us this could NEVER happen. You're probably someone who likes guns too. See? I knew you were BAD.
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    Thanks Bud, I needed a good laugh.
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    "If I could speak to the lion, I would convince him that I only want to stroke his glorious main, and kiss his soft furry muzzle. Then he would love me, and not chew off my face and eat my spleen"
    ---The Liberal Mind

    BTW...go slap one of those 'anti-violence' people across the face a few times and see if their perspective on things...changes :)
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    If they are so "Non-Violent" why do they feel the need to try and set Seattle on fire every year????? LOL very good though.. put a smile on my face today. :D
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    You missed one. Their views on NOT using violence are only valid for you and should you not agree with them, it is okay for them to wish you physical harm or death. But of course that isn't violence so they are still within their appointed parameters.
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    Well stated Mr Bill.
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    They have "minds"?
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    They are the ones who teach their kids to be pacifists, to never harm anyone or anything and to rely on others (government) to protect and provide for them.
    These are the ones who will perish first when TSHF.

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