the media is an accomplice in public shootings

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Cuthbert Allgood, Dec 16, 2012.

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    i'm surprised there haven't been any people writing to or calling into any of the cable news networks about this. maybe they are and they're being filtered out, and replaced by gun control crap.

    if the media wants to talk about gun control. i think they the rest of us need to talk about limiting what the media puts out there in cases such as what recently happened. we need to pressure them about it. i know they'll be unwilling due to citing freedom of speech and press. on the flip side, we law abiding gun owners can cite our 2nd amendment rights.

    link to article
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    This is the type of thing that has been driving me crazy as well. We really need to start turning off the damn TV. Stop watching the 'It Bleeds, It leads crap'

    Until people turn it off, they won't stop it.
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    America was doomed when a programming terminal was installed in every home. TVs. No one piece of technology has ever been so damaging to humankind then the b00b tube.

    No one entity is more responsible for the mall/theater carnage than the banker/corporate MSM.

    It is no wonder people we were much more intelligent 100-150 years ago than they are now. In fact, 5000 years ago.

    We just falsely believe we are the best - the latest and greatest. Nope. Human intellect and more importantly, the ability for a person to think for themselves, to reason things out, to be aware of deceptions, is at an all time low. Governments and tyrants have it made in the shade with Kool-Aid.

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