The man who killed Osama bin Laden is screwed

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kevatc, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Seems like there is a lot of back tracking going on now.
    Who really killed bin Laden? -

    I read No Easy Day and find it to be credible. I guess the people in the know are the only ones who really know. Maybe that is the way it should be for their sake...
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    he got a raw deal. it's not right at all. even though he didn't stick around for 20 years, he should get some help with the transition back into the civilian world. this is one of those many cases where i firmly believe serving in today's military isn't worth the time and trouble. it doesn't make a person more desirable as a prospective employee. it's sad people actually believe the lie. some get lucky and find well paying jobs. the majority, however, get shafted.

    since there's that little tidbit about him being suicidal for a short time after accidentally killing the parents of a small girl during a firefight, who is to say the gun grabbers won't come for his guns? i highly doubt the DoD will lend him any kind of support.
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    He made a choice to leave before his 20 years. I wish him well and thank him for his service, but he made a choice and now, like all of us, must live with the consequences. It's sad, but its life.
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    its been pretty much confirmed he wasn't the actual shooter. he was on the raid and may have put a couple rounds into UBL when he was already dead. but he didn't deliver the kill shot.

    check out lots of good reading there
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    I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but I think the last war that the US was actually defending the country itself was when we ran the Japanese campaign in World War II. I think every single war or skirmish after that has been to fill the coffers of some rich bureaucratic bastards.

    With that being said, I honor those drafted into service. They served what should have been called tyrants and not great leaders, but they answered the call. Since World War II though this country has been going down the tubes, and we are at the point where the toilet swirls and you hear the big "swoosh" before all the water goes down the hole.

    My brother (God rest his soul) served for many years in the military. He took pride in it, until he had to put a bullet in the head of a 15 year old that was in the enemy army. Funny thing is, when I pointed out that the leader of that enemy army was aided by the US in his rise to power he woke up fairly quick. He took the guilt of killing that kid to the grave... He resigned after I believe it was 12 years in the service. Guess what he got when he came back, a big fat nothing from the government. His knees were shot, his body worn, and pretty much a middle finger on the way out. So let this guy cry me a river. I don't care.

    No disrespect intended for those that signed up believing they were defending our country, but our country really hasn't needed defending for quite a while (well except the southern border, which isn't defended at all).
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    It's no different than working for a company for 15 years & injuring many body parts then you can't preform your job functions & get kicked to the curb.
    Sad but true. The motto should read "It's not an adventure It's a job"...
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    I read the title to this thread with absolute disbelief. Obama hasn't been in trouble for anything, why would he be in trouble for this? I listened to him after this happened and he let us know that he is the one responsible for killing Osama.
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    Obama killed him right?

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