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Damn...Can't believe that I forgot about this gun of mine....
Its a Tryon Flintlock Fowler circa 1810....In .415 caliber...hope that is close enough...:D


No stamp. It was at a moving sale in Lake Oswego and the old guy who was moving into an assisted living facility was selling vintage ammo and when I asked about the guns that shot the ammo, he went into his house and returned with the 410 Handy Gun and a 1944 Remington Rand 1911 pistol that had all the original finish sanded off.
Only made it through 2nd page of this, not that your responses are bland or whatnot but I'm merely resurrecting this 2019 est thread. 410 is just too much fun for the lady and I. My daughter has shot my lady's single shot Hatfield. Sure it is the 99 dollar Walmart gun but it's been worth every penny since it's so easy for her to go through a box. Problem is that .410 is so danged hard to find the ammo for, I know it's been well over 6 months having recalled seeing any or buying any.

That being said I'm still glad I bought it when I saw it. Good luck finding them.
My personal gun I bought in. 410 is the Tristar Cobra II in black. No pictures and I haven't shot it yet. Wish the gun came with the kit of chokes.

What people say about the .410 has its interests and then wariness. Almost a sense of insecurity as it's a bit more recoil than a 22LR but not by much yet doesn't have the great spread of 20 and 12 gauge that can take out some game more easily. It was pitting at me that .410 was meant for experts but those who were just starting their hunting experience found comfort in this shell and often the guns that shoot it aren't heavy and bulky (exceptions to the rule have been a Stoeger side by side which was very nice but a hefty swing). The right gun for the person fits here. Anyways hope to see more replies here.
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