The Landing, Crooked Finger

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    I know this had been posted in another thread before but I thought I would share. The folks in this forum sound like mostly everyone is a responsible shooter and last year this place looked like it was getting trashed big time.

    Go to scotts mills, OR and Make a Right on Crooked Finger Rd. Travel I'd say roughly about 12 miles up hill and the road turns to gravel. Travel about 4 1/2 miles straight down the gravel road and the place actually has a sign that says "The Landing" and turn into the left. You can comfortably shoot 200 yards if no one is there. The people I've met there have been friendly (so far). OSP officers do frequent the area and just want to make sure you pick up your trash and are shooting paper targets.

    So... I guess I will share this with you with the hope that if you go shoot there you can help clean it up a bit. This is the only way we can guarantee we can keep shooting there for many years to come. Best of luck. :gun14:,-122.511163&spn=0.007752,0.019226&t=h&z=16

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