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The Land of Oz (Aus)

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Jamie6.5, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Jamie6.5

    Jamie6.5 Western OR Well-Known Member

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    It could be worse folks. Let's hope it never comes to this here.

    Licensed gun owners facing police check

    09 Oct 09 @ 02:23pm by Jesse Phillips

    NORTHERN Beaches Police will be turning up on the doorstep of every licensed gun owner in the area over the next four years to check their firearms are stored correctly.

    Operation Aston follows the gun amnesty that ended on May 31 and will target guns stored incorrectly and the security of gun safes, Northern Beaches Commander Doreen Cruickshank said.

    “Gun owners have a responsibility to ensure their weapon is safely stored at all times when not in use,” Supt Cruickshank said.

    “Licensing police will be attending the home of every licensed firearm owner in the northern beaches over the next four years to inspect every weapon and check the gun safe.

    “Officers will be examining all gun safes to ensure they comply with the legislative requirements, particularly in relation to the standard and security of safes.”

    Supt. Cruickshank reminded all legitimate owners that under the Firearms Act they must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safe-keeping of their firearms.

    “It’s especially important that weapons are stored in such a way as to limit the possibility of loss or theft, so they don’t come into the possession of a person who isn’t authorised to hold them,” she said.

    The maximum penalty for incorrect storage of a weapon is two years in jail.

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  2. sillyrabbit

    sillyrabbit Salem, Oregon Member

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    Are you getting an idea where we're headed should things keep going as they are now?
  3. chris61182

    chris61182 A little west of Portland Active Member

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    Does anyone else find it at least slightly ironic that the guy's name is Cruickshank?
  4. Karma

    Karma the woods in Oregon Active Member

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    We better make our voices heard or this is where we are headed. I would bet things are going to be moving fast over the next year. I guess we either stop letting the government run wild, or deal with the results. Most seem content with going with the flow and letting the government have complete control.
  5. dario541

    dario541 medford, or 97504 Member

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    I once read a story in the Reader's Digest about an American airman who was shot down over Holland during WW2. The Dutch hid him in one of their houses. The story went on about how the Germans would periodically cordon off certain neighborhoods here and there with a large number of armed soldiers. Then they would systematically go through every home with a fine tooth comb looking for Allied airmen, guns, radios, Jews and whatever else they wanted. They called this action a "RAZZIA".
    I recently heard the Mayor of Los Angeles propose that the LA police should cordon off neighborhoods here and there and systematically search for guns, ammo, knives and whatever - a RAZZIA!
    Maybe we should start preparing. A RAZZIA could be coming to our neighborhood!
  6. fingolfen

    fingolfen Oregon Member

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    I pray our nation never gets to that point...
  7. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    To summarize. Let's do what we can to go after and confiscate any of the remaining legitimate guns we can get away with!

    I would like to point out that this will have zero effect on criminals and illegal guns as they will not be subject to this inspection !
  8. Jamie6.5

    Jamie6.5 Western OR Well-Known Member

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    Right-o Trismn! Can't inspect their storage if you don't know they have them,...

    How dumb, and how scary at the same time. Apparently in Oz if you have a legal gun, you forfeit the right to deny a search of your home. Now how scary is that!!