The importance of the 2nd

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by AMProducts, Jan 3, 2013.

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    I completely agree, but the American people (the 98% non-thinking drones - not the people here) just won't care. Where was the huge objection to the 911-prewritten Unpatriot Act? Or NDAA? Or Executive power to execute American citizens w/o charges or trial, etc, etc, etc. The sheep ONLY care about things that they believe direct effect their comfort level - ie, price of gas, etc. If their neighbor down the street gets falsely raided and their dog is shot they simply don't care. Out of sight out of mind.

    Have you taken the time to see how brainwashed and compliant the average person really is these days?

    MUCH, MUCH, worse than 1993-1994. No (widespread) internet then, no Twittering Twits, no idiotic/vanity Facebook, no Zombie texting. This time around we should consider ourselves very lucky if we only get a 1994 type ban. A couple more convenient incidents and media grandstanding against gun rights and we'll probably have a lot worse.

    Fortunately, I believe TPTB want all guns gone in private hands period but they are afraid of revolt. At least they are concerned about the 2% a bit. They have built what they have going for them, a controlled surveillance society, via the boiling frog syndrome. So, that is the only hope I see. SLOW theft of all freedoms and a decline into the USSR hopefully after I am gone. Probably not so lucky though, who knows.

    Betting on the backbone/intelligence of the American people to stand up to oppression and FF deceptions, etc, is simply laughable at this point.

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