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    In southern Oregon we have a bird cage liner called the Medford "Trashbin." Although the majority of people here are conservative, this paper has always been against gun owners, Christians, conservative, etc.
    Like many other papers the Trashbin has seen a large large and deserved decline in circulation owing to their radical left-wing bias. I know a lot of people like myself who refuse to buy this rag. We will not feed the hand that bites us.
    However, it is delivered to my workplace so I read it form time to time. On Monday, 1-31-2011 they reprinted an anti gun articel from the Milwaukie (Wisconsin) Urinal Sin'n'tell railing about hi-cap magazines! According to them, these types of magazines are responsible for the tragedy in Tucson. They called on Obama to BAN these types of magazines. They say that "civilians do not need extended magazines." (Seems to me that it is the "Bill of Rights" and NOT the "Bill of Needs!")
    Of course, anybody who knows anything about how these anti-gun insects work is to chip away a little here and a little there until they destroy the entire Right. Today it is hi-cap magazines, tomorrow it'll be so-called "Assault Weapons" and the next day it'll be handguns or "Sniper Guns" or something else. They will continue until they destroy every vestige of the 2nd Amendment and they will be proud doing it!
    Are you all ready?
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    I think their greatest joy in life comes from taking things away from those who are more independent (and independent-thinking) than they are. The other day I talked briefly with a college-aged a**hole who was attending law school. His goal was to obtain a law degree, and then "work for a non-profit minority rights organization." He said he loved law because "laws are so easy to manipulate." He is learning how the game is played, and you can bet his professors are doing all they can to turn out a nice little clone (he didn't come up with that "manipulation" statement on his own). Those of us who think the 2nd Amendment will protect us had better do more to protect the 2nd Amendment. Supporting the NRA, and keeping them on track, is the first step.
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    I think the owner lives in Ashland :)

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