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National The Gun Feed Poll Results So Far: Should Wayne LaPierre be forced to resign / be removed from NRA?

The Gun Feed Poll: Should Wayne LaPierre be forced to resign / be removed from NRA?


Tell us why or why not in the comments section below…

Should Wayne LaPierre be forced to resign / be removed from NRA?
  • Yes (97%, 3,528 Votes)

  • I'm not sure (2%, 63 Votes)

  • No (2%, 59 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,650
Yes. I've been monitoring the NY City case at SCOTUS, and you can download all of the briefing here: Search

On August 5th, NY City filed it's brief. Over the course of the followin geight days, 15 amicus briefs were filed by every anti-gun organization you've heard of and many, if you are like me, you never knew existed. The amount of money being spent to litigate away our rights is astounding. There's one dude who is directly attacking Heller and asking that it be overturned. And some US Senators making threats to SCOTUS that unless it toes the line, it will be restructured.

Instead of buying WLP Italian suits on top of $1.3M salary -- how about using the money to further the interests of all the working slobs who have donated to the NRA in the hopes it would do something useful. Burning money like it has, is a dream come true for all the antis.



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