The Gun Broker - Tigard

The Gun Broker - Location 2
13500 SW Pacific Hwy # 36
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 639-9614
Excellent, I will personally recommend Steve & Jim.

By the way, they have an OD green framed H&K USP .45 Fullsize in excellent condition up on their wall. I almost bought it, but turned it down because another weapon had just BARELY less wear on it. It was a complete USP .45 Fullsize (black frame) w/ everything including original box, 2 12 rd magazines, manuals, even the test casing and night sights. Price was excellent.

Check out the green one, they're rare and it's damn nice.

These guys really know their stuff, and they have an excellent selection of ARs, as well as shotguns. Tons more, but that's what I looked at and was interested in. It's close by too.

In comparison,
I personally don't like Beavercreek Armory, and the prices over there aren't very good either... :/ Even though it's even closer to me than the gun broker, (not by that much, really) I felt I had a 100% better experience compared to when I stopped in to Beavercreek. I have no doubts about the bucks I shelled out over there, and I'd go there again anytime.
Both locations are well stocked, and the prices are decent.

The folks behind the counter seem to know their stuff, and are friendly, to boot! I've been a firearms enthusiast for about 30 years, and have heard some bad things come out of gunshop salemen's mouths, but these folks seem to keep the BS to a minimum.

I have bought one wheelgun from the Tigard location, a Ruger Police Service Six, in excellent shape, for a decent price.

When taking a co-worker around shopping for a wheelgun he bought a brand new Taurus there, again for a decent price.

I have no reservations about recommending them to anyone.
The Gun Broker is my favorite gun shop in town. I have bought 6 guns from them, and they are just great! They are very well priced, very nice, don't talk down to you, they are just great. Please support this business. I like both of the locations, Tigard has better deals IMHO, but they are both very well priced.
I've bought and traded with both locations. Every time I go in there they always seem to be genuinely interested in what I have to say. To me, that speaks volumes about the level of service they have to offer. They always gave me fair prices and treated me with respect.
Haven't bought any guns from them yet (brought my meager collection so far with me from PRK), but I have taken the CCW class offered there, and been in the Tigard one to browse on many occasions since.
I've visited the Tigard GunBroker several times to browse and ask questions. The sales people have always been very professional and patient, and gave me the time to decide and choose the gun that fits me the best. In addition, they price-matched one of their competitors by dropping their asking price by $20. Even if they did not price match, I would still do business with them. For one, the gas money and time saved pretty much cancels out the $20 saving. And, to be treated with courtesy...well, you can't put a price on that. Needless to say, I bought a gun from the GunBroker, and would recommend the store to my fellow gun enthusiasts.


I bought my first gun from these folks (Tigard store), and it's henceforth the first place I look for anything.

Absolutely professional, friendly, and patient with rookies. Competitive prices, which is gravy, because I, like other posters, value service above all.
Just picked up a JC Custom Colt Series 80 Government model from the tigard store a week ago. Theres one salesman that works there that seems younger in age then everyone Ive seen, he sounds like used car seller when he hands guns down from the wall. Other then him I like the place, fun little shop and cute paperwork girls.
Great friendly staff, very knowledgeable, competitive prices. Answered my rookie questions and treated me with respect. My only complaint is they're a little disorganized if you're looking to have a gun shipped there. Had a bit of a scare when they initially couldn't find the rifle I had shipped in from out of state, especially for what I was paying for the transfer. I'll likely do transfers elsewhere now, but felt I owed them something for their great service.


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