When times were so very different!
Yes, the good old days when you could order a new hunting rifle from the Sears and Roebuck catalog or pick up a surplus 6.5x55 Swiss Mauser for $29.00 and have them shipped to your door, no paper work or background check.

You could go to Montgomery Ward and buy a handgun and a TV at the same time at a shopping mall

When you could leave your cars and house unlocked and government officials, politicians we elected to serve all the people and not a political party, did not outright state they hate you and accuse you of being a terrorist and tell you to move out of your state for not thinking the way they want you too.

Yes I miss the good old days of cheap guns but will admit I do like some of the newer designs in pistols as I was never really revolver guy and they dominated the old days when it came to technology.

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