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    TL;dr Uber monitors their employees (contractors) via their phones which are required.
    If you break the traffic laws, or just drive rough, it is recorded. To be reviewed upon getting complaints.

    Some years ago, a rental company installed a device in their fleet. When you rented a car, you said you would not break the law. Well, if you were recorded doing 90mph, for example, you were fined for abuse of equipment. (Some judge dismissed the fines saying the company could not enforce traffic laws. ( I think that guy should not be on the bench. ) )

    If you recall the movie the 5th Element ... no not her ... our hero was getting points added to his licence because his vehicle, a taxi, was monitored.

    Progressive, you know Flo, has the plug in for "good driver discount" they have found that the number one key for being a good driver is rapid stops. If you don't, then you are a good driver. If you do, they heard Allstate needs customers.

    We have the technology, we can require it, we will extract your dollars from you.

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