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The First 6, 12, 24 Hours...

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by Arkarayne, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Arkarayne

    Arkarayne Medford, OR Member

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    Just an interesting topic, we all prepare and collect items for an inevitable need, but...

    __________ "What's the plan, Jack?"

    Any of you got your 6, 12, 24, etc hour plans ready to go, for when something goes down?
    Morning layouts, middle of the day contingencies, 3am set-ups?

    In instances of earthquakes or blackouts, or that thing that happened a few years ago in September, first-responders are usually the quickest to react, but the general public has a 1, 2, 3 hour "lull" usually filled with lots of "What's going on?" "Well this sucks" etc... then comes the headless chickens and hysteria and anger and looting and basic "everyone get in your cars and make the roads unusable!"

    ...Your plan get you out before that happens?
  2. Decker

    Decker My house Active Member

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    Earthquake = making sure family and neighbors are alright and then roasting marshmellows over the fires.

    Blackout = baby making

    Terrorist attack = would depend on what kind of attack so hard to say.

  3. EZLivin

    EZLivin SW of PDX Well-Known Member

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    Nothing complicated. Our plan gets us all to the home fortress at the first sign of problem/trouble (by vehicle if possible, on foot if necessary). From there it is hunker down and watch the show.
  4. Scott

    Scott Battle Ground Well-Known Member

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    Bottle of Single Barrel Jack and a nice Cuban cigar. I have everything I need. Plus not many people live by me so I am lucky. Got wood, stove, generator, food, water. It's all good in the woods.
  5. MA Duce

    MA Duce Central Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Amen...space is time. :thumbup:
  6. hatchetjack

    hatchetjack Western WA Active Member

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    If it happens while we are home, we stay. We all work /school within walking distance from home. 3 miles being the farthest away. In the current economy, we stay pretty close to home. Next good sized city is about 13 miles (Costco run) so if we're anywhere else, it's likely there.

    Practice family drills and plan about 3 times a year including meeting places and out of state contacts. If we're home, we'll just sit tight and wait for our CERT activation if needed.
  7. Wheeler44

    Wheeler44 SW Washington Member

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    6 hours...Make hot chocolate

    12 hours...Drink bourbon

    24 hours....Hot chocolate with bourbon...Mmmm

  8. C&H

    C&H SW Portland Member

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    That's phase one of all my plans.
    Well, phase one through five really.
  9. Arkarayne

    Arkarayne Medford, OR Member

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    Some uh, interesting answers, so far...

    In my case, for any natural disaster of the "annoying" class, earthquake, "nearby tsunami", etc.:
    I'd want to be home within 1 hour if i'm in town or at work, have fresh water, candles, a propane cooker and battery/generator backups set up within 6 hours.
    In the "cataclysmic" class, volcano, "direct tsunami", etc.
    Depending on damage, i'd wait it out or decide to move to my secondary location within an hour, similar setup.
    more man-made situations or problems are case by case, but most will involve moving my valuables and equipment to my secondary location within 6 hours, setting up and securing within 12 hours, and being more or less "ready for anything" within 24 hours.