The Fight of Your Life

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    The Fight of Your Life

    I’ll bet you’re sick of reading and hearing about gun control by now.
    To be honest, I'm with you, but maybe for different reasons.

    Some folks will admit that they are just annoyed by the constant
    rhetoric from the news media. Others will say that they care more
    about other issues like the economy. As for me, I am tired of the gun
    control debate for one reason:

    I don’t believe our right to bear arms should be up for debate at all!

    Forget the fact that our Constitution affirms the right of Americans
    to bear arms. Forget the fact that it’s a part of our nation’s
    heritage and tradition. Forget the fact that guns save countless,
    innocent lives every year (something you’ll never hear from the
    mainstream news media). The reason I believe that the entire debate
    is ludicrous to begin with is simple:

    Every person on earth has the natural born right to defend themself from harm.

    This is where I believe so many people get off topic. Many folks
    argue about our rights based on the wrong precedent. Don’t hear me
    wrong, I’m as thankful for the 2nd Amendment as the next guy, but what
    I’m talking about goes much deeper than a man-made amendment to the
    United States Constitution.

    I clearly remember the day that I was first struck with the truth that
    we are all born with the undeniable right to defend our loved ones and
    ourselves from harm. If you’re anything like me, you will agree that
    when you are gripped with a conviction that transcends a man-made law,
    it becomes all the dearer to you. It becomes a cause worth fighting

    In this week’s report, you will hear echoes of this same sentiment,
    as well as ideas for how you can make a difference in this war of
    ideals. We are not simply in a fight for a few petty rights; we are
    caught in a war of values and priorities. The question is not whether
    your voice can be heard in the fight. The question is whether or not
    you believe deeply enough in a human being’s right to defend themself
    enough to make your voice heard.

    If you are unwilling to forfeit your natural born rights, then I want
    to challenge you to join me in a cause worth fighting for. Now is the
    time to make your voice heard. Take care and stay safe.

    One last thing being and American is no longer a spectator sport
    we have got to get involved. Because wonce it is gone it is gone.
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    Darn great post fredball!!!! I agree 100%.
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    You are right on the money, this is a fight for our lives!

    As I stated in Karma's thread:

    I must shamefully admit that I have been one of the complacent ones. I did not join the NRA until last week. This week I hear biden mention bho using the EO, so last night I joined OFF. Is it good that I joined the groups that have been on the front lines for so long? Yes. Is it too late? I don't know. I can tell you that I am not patting myself on the back for finally joining the fight. On the contrary, I feel like the guy who was late to the fight and only brought one box of ammo.

    As for Karma's point about going on the offensive, you are correct. Can you imagine if we approached home defense like we have the fight for the 2A? The bad guy is at the bedroom door with an axe and here we are scrambling to find some .22 rounds for our single shot derringer.

    ** I will also add that just joining 2A rights groups is not enough. I WILL become involved in the political process as a voice for 2A folks, whether it be town hall meetings, candidate forums, or anything else. My voice will be heard.

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