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    I have entire 500-round bricks of the extremely rare Aguila .22 LR, 60-grain Sniper Sub-Sonic round!

    This ammunition has not been imported into the United States for several years. My acquisition comes from some good old research paying off, finding a lost stash, here in the US (in addition to the Aguila Supermaximum cartridge, even their Colibri ammunition is no longer being exported to the US).

    As a subject-matter expert who has been selling this ammunition for years, let me address any misconceptions regarding this round, for the General(ly Dumb) Public:

    • Yes, this cartridge is sub-sonic, not to be confused with Aguila's .22LR Colibri or Super Colibri (which is primer-only charged ammo (hence the name, based on the guy who thought it up over 100 years ago,Colibri). Any comparisons between these two rounds are simply moronic (as in a particular You-Tube video, where the clown can't even pronounce the names "Aguila", or "Colibri").
    • This round is only sub-sonic, based on the virtue of simple physics: A .22 short shell-case, filled with compressed powder (same as Aguila's Supermaximum round), with a 60-grain bullet on top, completing the cartridge as a .22LR round. At roughly 950 FPS, it is technically a sub-sonic cartridge, which is how the round is marketed, here in the US (sounds better than ".22LR 60-grain man killer").
    • You don't need a barrel with a specific twist to shoot this round, and they cycle in all .22LR firearms. The Mexicans weren't even thinking about this, when they made the round. Yes, tighter barrel twists will help this round, but are not required. and no, it wasn't specifically designed to be used with a suppressor, etc.
    By the necessity of Mexico's gun laws (which forbid AR's and AK's, although everyone has them), Aguila invented a real man-stopper of a .22 round, intended for self-defense (as man-stopping as you can get, from a .22LR round, anyway).

    Price is $190.00 per 500-round brick, or $19.00 per 50-round box. This is probably the last amount of this ammo, available for sale anywhere in the US.

    Contact: Jerry (in WA State)

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