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I was out yesterday having some fun with guns. I took my Springfield Champion Operator 1911, the CMMG Banshee in .45ACP, a S&W MP 15-22 and the Ruger SR-556.

Everything was going well until I started firing the MP 15-22. I experienced numerous FTE, FTF & jamming. I was thinking that I had loaded the magazines with the wrong ammo but that wasn't the case. I put the MP 15-22 aside, picked up the SR-556 and continued with the fun.

I broke down the MP 15-22 this morning and something didn't look right with the bolt. Then I realized that the entire extractor assembly was gone! The extractor, spring and detent pin were all missing from the bolt. Well, that explained the problems I was experiencing.

I sent S&W an email through their customer contact portal at the S&W site and received an almost instantaneous response. They apologized for the failure and are shipping me the parts needed to rebuild the extractor. I'll certainly keep an eye on it when I use it again to make sure parts ain't flyin' off the darned thing.
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