I remember that! I lived in John Day at the time, was pretty young and I thought it seemed like a good idea, too. Glad it wasn't my Dad's car that got smashed by a chunk O whale! Too bad people are too afraid to try stuff like that anymore.:s0155:
That's a classic. Great for use in a class where you need to point out the Unintended Consequences of a Plan that's not well thought out. :)
The guy who's car got nailed is Walt Umenhofer. He owns "The Baron's Den" gun shop and indoor range just south of Eugene off of I-5 on the East side. It's got a big sign that says "Shoot a Real Tommy Gun" on the front of the store.

If you want to laugh your *** off, stop in and talk to him about it. He loves to tell the story, and it's hilarious the way he tells it. The shop is pretty cool, we call it Walt's museum. I've known Walt for years.
The oldest son in the video is now a highly respected detective with the Springfield Police.
That vid always cracks me up.
What could go wrong?

The Tainan City, Taiwan whalesplosian was pretty nasty.
50 ton critter pops it's guts all over downtown unannounced.

I tried finding the vid but my google foo must be weak tonight.
I seen it on Natgeo not long ago.

Almost made me gag just watching it. The smell must have been a lifetime experience.

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