The dangers of choosing someone else's gun for them.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. PlayboyPenguin

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    I almost titled this thread "Disappointed by the other half's taste in guns" but I decided not to at the last moment. :)

    I picked out a gun for my other half a short while back. we have been together for 18 years and I taught them to shoot so I thought I knew enough to pick out a gun for them. Boy was I wrong.

    I ended up picking out a Ruger SR9c. I thought it was be the right size, have the right look, and fit their hand properly. When I presented it the gun was met with immediate disapproval. Mostly because of the manual safety. They just could not make their self feel comfortable with it.

    We went today to the gunshop for them to get a gun of their own choosing. After looking at Kahr, Springfield, Walther, S&W, Ruger, H&K, and SIG what did we end up going home with...?

    A Glock 23. How embarrassing. :D

    And to top it off, now I am stuck selling off the Ruger at a loss. :(
  2. HankDiesel

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    I bought my other half her first handgun for xmas..She loved it til she shot I guess its time to look for something else for her...
  3. Mark W.

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    I helped the wife chose her carry pistol. Granted I was the one with all the know how etc. But in the end it was her choice. She got a pistol not at all like most people would think for a womans carry weapon. An Astra A-90 DA/SA 9mm 16+1 all Black makes it sound like theres a cement block in her purse if she puts it down hard. But she wanted it. She has carried it now for maybe 12 years and really knows how to shoot it.

    All I know is that if she's ever attached they better keep running cause theres going to be about 2/3 of a box of Winchester Silvertips flying around the scene before shes done. She carrys the spare mag as well.
  4. VW_Factor

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    How much you lookin for that Ruger then?
  5. spectra

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    Look in the Classidifieds:thumbup: If I was in the market it is a swee deal!

    Well PBP I remember a post along time ago saying they had a revolver in the car and they liked shooting your Glock. Well you should have got them one to begin with:laugh: Hek I wish my better half would buy me guns:huh: Good luck on the new purchase and hope the SR9 sells quick!
  6. John Gault

    John Gault
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    Gee, too bad you didn't make that mistake with something like an H&K P30 so I could help you out of your losing purchase:devil:
  7. glockguy

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    Are you some kinda pimp there PP? lol...

    As for the G23... WHAT WONG WITH THAT!!! I have 3 glocks n a 23 is one of em:)
  8. Spitpatch

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    And here's another similar pitfall: Friend (sometimes a very close friend, knowledgeable in guns) sees a desirable gun: sometimes mine, and mentions, "Man, I have been looking for one of those (Remchester Model blah blah or some such) for years, always wanted a nice one. If in your travels you run across a decent one, snag it for me and let me know.") Friend is not known to be a flake, gets up and goes to work every day for 20 years, has money, etc. Helpful Buddy (enter me, stage left) stumbles on a very nice one (frequently even better than HB's own one that piqued Friend's interest when he made the statement). HB gets the gun for a great price (even cheaper than the one originally lusted after). Triumphantly, HB calls F, and for a laundry list of excuses, F decides he doesn't want the gun. Education is not cheaply gained by HB, and he severely curtails any further efforts to be a Purchasing Agent for Mister F.
  9. pioneer461

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    When my wife (finally) decided to get her carry permit, she went to my gun room and stole one of my guns to carry. She made up for it later by buying a couple other guns she knew I wanted, so I declined to press charges. :D
  10. rodell

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    She will be disappointed when it only lasts 400,000 rounds.

    I had a similar situation where the other half wanted the kind of firearms I was shooting. She would buy them, and, then decide she didn't like them after all. That left me with two of several of them, since I generally don't sell guns.
  11. sheepdip

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    got my wife a new .270 for her birthday one time, sold it three weeks later. got her a new cam and lifters for our old plymouth a couple years back. didnt like it. kept the cam and lifters and got her some slippers, all is well
  12. billdeserthills

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    I got one for ya,
    First get your name engraved on it, Heh Heh

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