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I am sure this was covered on the forum before. All the same, pretty good show and I enjoyed watching it.

My only thought was: What is the likelihood that so many brilliant minds would gather in a real world scenario?
The fact that they pretend guns don't exist post apocalypse makes it hard for me to be entertained. I just watch it for the practical experiments not the phony drama and whining. The wood Gasification was the highlight of last season, I found the rest to be Hollyweird's typical out of touch with reality.
The fact that they pretend guns don't exist post apocalypse makes it hard for me to be entertained. I just watch it for the practical experiments not the phony drama and whining. The wood Gasification was the highlight of last season, I found the rest to be Hollyweird's typical out of touch with reality.


I loved that gas-a-fier they made to run the truck...but a bunch of raiders on motorcycles? Vodka and money in a safe above their safehouse? A stocked hospital nearby? Untouched, traffic beacon solar panels?

Then them making fireworks out of 12 guage shells? YEAH RIGHT! I'd be making a zip-gun!

That Tesla Coil thing to purify the water was badass as well...what did he call it? Ozone? (Tri-Oxygen?).

Only about three people in that entire camp actually pulled their weight....everyone else just whinned and gave away their food and water to passer-bys. Just goes to show you that members in your group better be like-minded or you're going to have some serious conflicts within your group.
Please, please let them do it in another city. And with guns as an option. Otherwise; fail.

Even if it was just with airsoft/paintball guns it would at least be more realistic.

I set the dvr to record so I'll be checking these out but at the moment I would assume that if there are no guns they are roleplaying like the guberment came in at some point and took all the guns away.

Yeah, why is it the "Colony" is unarmed? More like "Gilligan's Island" with an attitude. Heck, the Korean shopowners in LA were better prepared to protect their stores during Rodney King.
Exactly! The lack of guns in this series caused me to quit watching last season after a couple of episodes.

Quick! Throw your weight against the door so the raiders can't get in!

More like, let them get just inside the door before you stack them like cordwood with 00 buck!
First thing I would have done is shoot that annoying industrial artist guy. The guys who think they are too smart or good for manual labor have no place using up resources.

The show is too civilized to be an accurate simulation. In reality when SHTF people will have guns and will be willing to use them.
not trying to deliberately defend the series, but:

It's still "entertainment". A pre-planned set of scenarios depicting "random thinking" when faced with different situations. Cry, build an awesome machine, or give the beat-down, everyone acts differently. (however a disclaimer following the credits says there's an off-camera advisor to point them in a direction when they're completely clueless) in real life you won't get an Obi-Wan.
The machines they build are perfectly viable with a little knowledge and and a few rescued textbooks, and the right tools. we can say it's a later time when the bullets are used up and we're back to knives and bows, but yes, it's unreal for a POST-apocolyptic situation.
You learn, adapt, and debate, you can't use what they do verbatim. The people they use are that 5% of society i mentioned in a different thread that would have the highest probability of survival, with 1 or 2 "ringers", people who would be 2 of that 5% of people that could pull off a societal rebuild.

Enjoy it, take notes, laugh at people who fail, and then dont do what they do.

Personally I never knew you could do the wood-gasifier before the first show.
Who wants inefficent but potentially useful fuel when the gas stations run out? *raises hand*
A review I wrote for another forum;

So they're in NOLA. You're telling me that there are no guns or ammo that are laying around? Um. It's THE SOUTH, people. The dogs have their own arsenals down there. Ok, ok, guns don't work because actors don't sign up to get shot to death, got it. On to my review;

What a pack of cock-bites.<---HEY! I made it under the bubblegum filter!! Might want to add that one guys!

Rule of threes; You can survive 3 seconds without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. But if you don't survive because someone takes all that away then it doesn't matter. You're dropped into a compound with do discernible barrier wall, the ground is flat, there are many buildings in the on splitting into teams. Assign some to security, some to domestics, some to scavenging. Once you have the area scouted and a plan of defense you can sit back and work on the day-to-day.

Using the metal pipes was a good idea. Take it a bit further; get some of the discarded chunks of metal and fashion spear tips for the poles.

The fishing net was a good idea, but you have to weigh down the bottom so it spans the channel. Dump in some obstacles like an old car or equivalent and you'll cut down the width of the channel enough that you can secure the net at the choke point. Have half at the choke point, and the other walking through/beside the river with a net and you'll round the fish up into a neat collection zone. Skin, bone, smoke, have food for weeks.

Storing all your supplies in a consolidated lotation is just plain damned stupid. You secured those things upstairs, great! But they were out in the open. Most scavengers aren't going to fight to the death to get your stuff. They'll smash-n-grab. If they can't *see* it, they can't take it. The sheet rock was stripped off of most of the walls; install shelves between the studs and tack up a sheet rock fascia to hide the food and supplies. Spread out where things are so that it's not easily taken in bulk.

If you see someone not pulling their weight; kill them. *shrug* First assign them work. If they don't pull their weight then you can either send them away, withhold food, or eliminate the resource draw. When many lives are governed by the tribe working together you absolutely can NOT afford a slacker. Sure depression is part of surviving a catastrophe like that, but being given detailed assignments can make idle hands busy. Willfully shirking responsibility is when you get into the social problems that occur.
I watched it last season. It's entertaining. Lots of usefull info on surviving off of scavenged metropolitan items. Of course there is drama, between the contestants, set up accidents and disasters. Alliances and feuds. The contestants were from a variety of lifestyles, and occupations. Of course they had an electrical engineer, a welder, an auto mechanic, ect. A couple of the people were total smooch knobs.
I watch it yesterday, when the crown of looters came I was jumping out of my seat and saying this wouldn't happen if you had a gun! Man its quiet entertaining to see those guys get beat at the cost of not even getting paid or winning a prize. I rate this show a A.
I thought this season got a lot more "violent"..I mean last season the "looters" werent supposed to touch or harm the contestants. Now they are pepper-spraying and it looks like they were giving the contestants an ***-whooping.

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