The Burdick Bill

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Provincial, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Would some legislator please introduce a bill to address the fear and intimidation that Ginny Burdick experienced by being videotaped in public spaces?

    A Bill: Suspends Constitutional Rights of Any Person Who Makes Legislator Feel Nervous or Intimidated.

    Any person who, in the act of exercising any right guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States of America or by the State of Oregon, causes to make a legislator or public official to feel nervous, intimidated, or fear for their safety, whether justified or not, shall commit a felony and be executed without trial, no matter Governor Kitzhaber's objections to capital punishment.

    In establishing the state of mind of the legislator or public official, any statement they make in public shall be sufficient to establish fact, and it is not necessary for them to swear to that statement under oath in open Court, as that experience may cause them emotional hardship.
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    Oh I'm sure she will her own damn self if we just wait around long enough, guns first though.
    Keep in mind the district she represents, they keep voting this trash bag back into office.
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    Unfortunately, I could see the essence of the original post actually being seriously considered at some point.

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    I just realized that I live in said district...I just moved here the first of February...I'm still registered to vote in Medford. I guess I should look into changing that, but we will be leaving Oregon before another election anyhow.

    But judging by the others that live in this neighborhood, it's a losing battle and she will keep it. So many people here appear to do nothing for a living.
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