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Rep. Pete Stark (D) Shows Open Contempt for Citizens Asking About Secure Borders!!

First he taunts a member of The Minutemen by asking "Who're you going to kill today?". Then, he mocks the Minutemen by saying that he will "try to get (them) some more arms" so they can protect the border.

The Congressman from California then strangely said: "You tell me, I'm not the government." An odd statement for a man who has served as a US Representative for the past 37 years.
I just watched this video via "Stand With Arizona" on FB.

Truly remarkable the arrogance of this elected official to say some of the things he said. This is why we're in the pickle barrel we are in now, citizens keep voting these jokers in office.

Sad day, sad day..
Absolutely shameful, almost to the point of unbelievable, that an elected official would behave that way towards constituents.

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