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I loved the book, and all the info hits solid with the 20+ hardcore survival books that I own. Has anyone found any flaws? Btw, buy both of Rawles books if you want to follow through with your own plan. My recomendation is to read Patriots first, then reread, take notes and make a plan. Just wondering if any of the plans like fuel storage were wrong or out of date. We live with the oregon Ethanol nightmare and I dont think the storage times hold true anymore.

Fyi, your local farm store has eth free fuel, just costs about 30 cents more a gallon.
I am only trying to fact-check Rawles here. You can believe whatever you want. I believe the we are going to suffer a Japan level failure of our economy, and hopefully that is all. But a prepper can only use more info....
I've read the book a few times, usually when I actually had some down time. It's a decent enough book and drives home some of the bigger points: Living at your retreat, bug out before the storm, and bugging out too late will cost you (From the couple who lived at the retreat, the two guys who got out in time, and the couple that didn't make it out in time). Beyond that, most of what is covered gets to be far too specific to be of use to everyone. The one thing that always sticks in my mind is how all the badguys are always armed with M1 carbines, which don't penetrate the bulletproof vests (which is BS).

I think the book may provide some groundwork for the mature reader, however, far too many people out there take it as a combination of prophecy and gospel, which is the biggest flaw of the book. While Rawles is in the business of selling books, and website subscriptions (yes, voluntary I know), even he stresses the utility of actual experience in addition to the hard copy source.

Frankly, I think those who are mature enough for this book, probably already have the same, or a more advanced level of understanding on this topic. It is an ok book, but I don't really recommend it to most people.
It did get preachy, but if you look back there is some sort of human nature that draws people to a common ground. God happens to be a pretty big one. If you think about it, you community of 8 or so people needs to have some sort of hope. When TSHTF all of our lives are going to be fear and sorrow for a long time. People will need to turn to someone or something. I am rereading the book and comparing it to the rest of my library, the info is spot on. He doesn't (or didn't) have to deal with ethenol fuel at the time of writing in Idaho. Must be an oregon/cali thing.
yea, most states of the union you can get regular gasoline right out of the pump, california has been requiring an "oxygen additive" for years. First it was MTBE, which has now polluted most of our underground aquafers, and then came ethanol, which is non-toxic (until you mix it with gas and then pass it through drinking water processing facilities, at which point it forms ethyl chlorides). I guess oregon is now requiring it also. Most states (I know in vegas you can buy E85, but you can also just buy regular gasoline) just sell normal gas. I know when I was driving back and forth between california and texas a lot, as soon as I hit arizona and filled up, my mileage got a lot better.

Thing is, all the alcohol fuels are pretty stable for storage. Stabil is just an alcohol which as as a dessicant to keep the water and gasoline from reacting. I've stored california gas for over a year in the air-tight nato cans and never had a problem with it. You just have to go out and shake the cans once a month or so.
I have stored it as well for a year and used it fine. Trouble with it is that it does not store as well as regular. Alcohol attracts water, is corrosive, and does not have the BTUs. It eats your seals and hoses. That is why you never want to put it in your boat. Just an unmentioned in the book. If you look at the color of fresh versus yr old ethanol fuel you will see a color diff. It can't store as long.

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