The Blunder ' Down Under'!

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    Sydney Shows Disarmament’s Dark Downside
    Posted on December 31, 2011 by Robert Farago

    Welcome to Australian gun politics, courtesy the hive mind at wikipedia: “Self-defense is not accepted as a reason for issuing a [gun] licence, even though it may be legal under certain circumstances to use a legally held firearm for self-defense.” The chances of having a legal gun around the place with which to defend yourself? “Currently, about 5.2% of Australian adults (765,000 people) own and use firearms for purposes such as hunting, controlling feral animals, collecting, and target shooting.” So not very high then. Infinitesimal in urban areas. Where the crime is. Duh. Clock this from the scribes at “SYDNEY is under siege from gangs of heavily armed robbers terrorising shopkeepers, pub staff and residents . . .

    Meat cleavers, machetes, sawn-off shotguns and axes are among the weapons used in recent weeks as thugs smashed their way into so-called “soft targets” – mostly service stations, bottle shops and licensed premises – demanding cash, wallets, jewellery and mobile phones.

    Details of more than 50 of the most violent incidents have been released by police this month.

    However they are just the tip of the iceberg, with as many as a dozen more reported every 24 hours according to logs of the police encrypted radio network . . .

    The surge in the number of hold-ups is a major concern for police because it bucks a downward trend that has seen the lowest rates for armed robbery in years.

    Also alarming is the increase in gangs and lone bandits hitting multiple targets in a single night.

    These included an 18-year-old man charged over a rampage in which he allegedly robbed six service stations armed with a hammer and knife at Liverpool and Casula within two hours on December 19. Later the same day two men armed with pistols are believed to have held up two pubs at Glebe and Newtown.

    The escalating violence is also happening on the street, with growing numbers of people being threatened and assaulted by armed hoodlums who rob them of wallets, phones and personal items.

    Police have downplayed the increase, claiming a handful of offenders were thought to be responsible for numerous robberies, which have skewed the figures.

    Good point. Because it’s all about collective security. It doesn’t matter so much if you’re robbed by a man with a hammer and knife or gun so long as society in general has an acceptable crime rate. In other words, when the government disarms its population (or the population disarms itself), it’s not about you.

    In a society where only criminals have guns, it’s not your job to defend yourself. In fact, the government actively discourages you from doing so.

    It comes as police urged shop keepers, hotel staff and the public caught in the middle of a hold-up to do whatever the assailants asked – not to be a hero and not to make sudden movements.

    That’s the way uh-huh uh-huh they like it. Disarmed, defenseless and beholden to the Powers That Be. It’s a state of affairs that’s all-too-familiar to situationally aware citizens living in New York City, Chicago and anywhere else where the right to keep and bear arms is treated with contempt by the guardians of the public trust.

    Australia. Mexico. Norway. How many examples of gun control’s failures do the fence sitters need, anyway?

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