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AUG. 28 - 29
8439 NE. Columbia Blvd.

In my opinion the best gun show in Portland.
Guns - Guns - Guns
Excellent educational displays.
I agree.

Expo show has not been going good for vendors, or customers lately. The smaller shows seem to be better for everybody, more guns, less crap.
How have the prices been in the past on used guns? I have never been to this show. If you could please post the prices to get into the show, that would be appreciated.

Has anyone been to this one before, what overall kind of selection do they typically have? Coctailer, are you going to have table there?
When I last attended this show it was held in the Coliseum, and for those who can recall when a gun show was a gun show, it made me know that things have not gone all to Haedes.

For this show, there used to be a "percentage rule" regarding table contents: In other words, something like "80% of all items need to be gun related", or "75% of all firearms on the table need to be pre-1970", or such.
(Don't quote me on these, merely an example to show how the nonsense is kept out of the show.)

For people who enjoy the real McCoy, this was a reassurance that the show would be a quality one. For example, at the regular Portland expo show, it takes me about 2-3 hrs to go thru. (I breeze past all new gun tables, all flak vest tables, all knife tables, beanie babies, etc.) Although this Antique Show is much smaller, twice I found myself spending most of the day there, and still not seeing everything I wanted to see. And there were actual displays and competition amongst the displays. A guy can actually educate himself on an area of firearms he may not be fully informed about.
was there this morning.its about 90% relics and you can find a few newer guns if you look hard enough.if looking for an old automatic, revolver,rifle or parts of old stuff this could be good for you.if you are looking for the ar ak stuff its far and few between,there is a lot of cool older military stuff and some interesting knives,and swords,brass knuckes etc.the price for a days entertainment is decent at 6.00 and free parking to boot :s0155:
Cetme, if i'm not certain, I apologize, but I will lend you respect as a guy who is more interested in newer and/or military-modern arms. You gave this show a good review. My interests have been previously stated in this thread. You and I agree, that regardless of your interests, this show has educational value. My opinion: if you want to learn about guns, this is the show.
if a person were new to guns this would be the perfect first to the historical value,they have just about everything gun/man toys from day one.the only thing that was not present was field artillery!i would like to see a few more modern war weapons and nfa relics added ..its actually a show not a mobile gun shop and toy store!definately a flash back to the days of old.

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