The Bed Bunker; the best reason to kick your wife out of bed

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by darkminstrel, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. darkminstrel

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    Frog Blog: BEDBUNKER

    I'd love to see one with a small access port somewhere. Maybe for your pistol/PD shotgun. Interesting take on the idea though.
  2. servingu

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    Yea imagine a bump in the night and then you can throw your wife across the room to get to your guns. :)
  3. krkruse

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    Yeah my brother showed me this. I like it. But Id rather have something in a hide-a-bed, kind of like in "Book of Eli"
  4. boxer13

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    I wonder how heavy that thing is. Hate to have to move that sucker.
  5. Spad

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    Guess it would be good if you had cement floors, but don't think standard wood floor would stand up. Especially if there was extra curicular activity on the bed, like the dog jumping up or something:bluelaugh:.One would have to check on that, ha. Spad
  6. Burt Gummer

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    Safes have their place in some circumstances, but are really overrated. A better strategy is use a safe as a diversion. Get a safe, fill it with crap, and then stick a note on it that says 'keep jewelry in top, gold coins in the bottom please' Get a 200-250lb unit and DON'T bolt it to the floor. Even leave a dolly/cart within view.

    Then if a thief breaks into your house he/she will expend all their time and effort to get the safe out of there vs investing time ransacking your home. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that the asshat that broke into your home and stole your safe was rewarded with a box of nails that has a note inside that says 'FU"

    That is the 'away' scenario. Someone got in and you are not home. The other scenario is your are home and you get jacked. The thief demands you open the safe at gunpoint. If you have a safe full of nice stuff and you refused to open it you might get shot or tortured. If you say 'I haven't opened it in a long time, don't have the combo, we moved ... been meaning to get a torch or locksmith to open it for me .... AND IT IS FULL OF GARBAGE ... break down and offer to help the thief take it, just please, leave me alone ....

    Protecting your 'stuff' is all about strategy and your typical safe owner is clueless. The only thing worse than placing trust in the security of a private safe is trusting a bank to hold your things.

    Safes DO have their place - in keeping people that live with you - kids, etc - away from your things. Otherwise, avoid them. You can have a $5000 1000lb safe bolted to the ground and Mr Thief points a gun at your family and says 'open it.' Safes .... suck.
  7. clearconscience

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    He said each section is 650lbs!!! Dang.
    Better have a 1st floor master. Or you will.

    I really don't see the appeal. It's cool, but I would rather have a regular old safe.

    And who is going to throw the mattress and dig keys out to get a gun if a bad guy breaks in? Not practical. I wouldn't mind having one of those mirror gun cabinets. That looks like a long mirror and opens up to hide a couple rifles, etc.

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