OFF ALERT The Backlash Builds

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    Tomorrow the backlash against SB 941 continues.

    SB 941 enacts near universal firearms registration, ends private property transfers, and puts all gun owners at risk of arrest for activities they have engaged in honorably for generations.

    But while the Democrat majority in the legislature clearly has no interest in the will of the people, more and more counties are stepping up and saying “no”.

    Tomorrow the Yamhill County Commissioners will be joining Lane and Linn Counties and voting on a resolution stating they will not enforce SB 941, the Prozanski/Hoyle universal gun registration law.

    Please consider standing up to the Bloomberg crowd and coming to the Yamhill County Courthouse tomorrow at 10 am to show your support for Yamhill’s Resolution in support of Second Amendment liberties.

    The Courthouse is located at 5th and Evans in McMinnville. Your presence in support of the Commissioners would be appreciated.

    If you can’t be there in person, please drop a note of support to the commissioners.

    Yamhill County Commissioners

    Oregon Firearms Federation

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