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    Thank You to all, for giving me the opportunity to join The Northwest I grew up in Pennsylvania, But, now live in the Communist State of Maryland. I do plan on moving to a State that is friendly to The Constitution of The United States of America in the near future. Enough said there, I don't want to get flagged by The NSA. LOL. I am a retired Chief Damagecontrolman of the US Coast Guard. One of the smartest things that I have done in my 47 yrs on this Little Blue Marble was to stay in the CG for 20 yrs, Life is Good. I enjoy hunting, fishing, handloading and chasing a little white ball around a pasture. My passion of reloading is what drew me to Yall's site. As I read through, I began to understand that there was a vast Storehouse of knowledge here. With that said, yes, I would like to tap into that Storehouse to find Handloads for my new Deer rifle, a Remington R-25 and the other being my trusty Ruger 270. I would also hope that I may give back to Northwest Crew. Once agian, Thank You.
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    ... I know how you feel with regard to the other coast; a friend of mine resides in Boston; says that Mass. is aka the Sheeples Republik? lol.

    Welcome aboard and ... thank you for your service.
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    welcome to NWF ! we here on the other side always enjoy the input from the "other side" !! looks to me you'll fit right in ! the "coast guard" was always my dream when growing up......come to find out in 1968, no service would take me for med. reasons ! thanks for your service, and enjoy yourself here !!


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