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    Thank you for all that you do for the greater good of us sportsman,
    I'm new to your website due to a freind.In the greater good a velicity chaser Ifeel he need for speed and flat shooting rifles. I own 2 06's, 1 308, 1 270, and 1 7mm ultra mag custom, 264 mag custom and 1 257 Weatherby mag custom. Speed KILLS at 300+ yards! I like shooting long range (Practice makes almost perfect). I 'm a firm believer in CDS turrets built to chrono specs. I hunt private land that is available at a reasonable cost. I have dead kills at 461yd on a doe and 500+10 on a cow elk dead or near dead in tracks.
    Forgive me for the private land but it is accessable and enjoyable for all!
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