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People get used to the system they're in. Start taking things for granted that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Even as a gray man you can be 'that guy' who reminds those you love that things do break and there are some basic level needs that one should always be ready for.



I don't wish inconvenience or tragedy on anyone. One tragedy is stuck in traffic in bad weather when 50 people on bald tires slam into your car. Inconvenience is having no food in your house during a power outage, when you could afford to have food. I try to keep extra meds at home but it's hard at times. I've even try to pay cash for extra but that ends up in an argument with the pharmacy.

Like guns and ammo, I keep what I can reasonably transport. If it goes beyond that I would probably be better off somewhere else. But at least I don't go empty handed.


The fault relies on the individual.

We are too accustomed to the "J.I.T." system or Just In Time where we see our food, goods etc arrive to our homes within 3 days. The average grocery store has enough on their shelves for a normal consumption of that amount of time.

I work in the seed industry, I work primarily with logistics and moving tens of millions of pounds of seed a year through contract carriers, rail cars, intermodal and LTL shipments. I see blockages in freight that happen everywhere across our nation and how it impacts the freight I'm trying to move. I play a chess game every day with suppliers, carriers and customers, the long game is to win which we do by getting freight moving but there are days when we lose and sometimes you lose hard.

JIT for the food system is a failure and we are doing it to ourselves. If you don't have a buffer at home, you are in trouble with the system collapses. it doesn't take a thermonuclear war to collapse the system, just a few bridges, some icy roads and everything becomes bottlenecked in a hurry.


It only took one thirty minute power outtage to realize i did not have enough lights around the house, luckily I have always kept plenty of food and fuel.
Blame on the power company for letting power stay off. Blame on the government for not being able to mobilize more aid. Blame on the people for not being prepared. They are all at fault. :s0114:
Certainly worth taking to heart. Those of you near the PDX area have no excuse since Bob's Red Mill over in Milwaukie/Clackamas has bulk foods and food grade storage buckets. One 5-gallon bucket filled with rice or beans, or lentils, or soup mixes will go a long way. It shouldn't be that hard to fill one up every pay day.

Winco, which is even more geographically widespread also sells the same things and has for a while. Bulk staples are super cheap too. Many people, especially those in the cities, just always think someone else will take care of them. I do really like Bob's Red Mill though and that is a great suggestion.

Meh, it's just the typical news hysterical shrieking BS "THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING".

I can't imagine the horror: "eating non-perishable canned goods or leftover items, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches" and "80 CONTINUOUS hours without power", that's like, 3 days and a Gilligans island re-run. Folks I know in Oregon City and West Linn just went well over 190 hours with no power and they figured it out. Where's that headline?

Only 190 hours would have been nice. Some of the rural bits out past OC (where I live) were closer to 300 hours. However, many of the people out in that area are used to power outages and are just generally more self-sufficient as you have to be. I had not expected the celltower to be out the first couple of days though. It sucked a bit but wasn't horribly uncomfortable or anything, just inconvenient. I felt it was also a pretty good test for long-term situations and highlighted some minor holes in what I had prepped and some things that I had put off. If anything it showed the value of preparing better to the wife and got her more onboard with allocating funds to these types of things.

I feel like a lot of this boils down to two types of people: Those who expect others to do everything for them and those who want to make sure they can take care of themselves.

Aero Denezol

There seems to be a concerted effort to throw shade on Texas over anything and everything, be it ice storms, food shortages, or mask mandates..

Beta O'Rourke just publicly compared Texas to a "failed state" (FWIW that was not my impression of Texas when I was there).

The Marxist authoritarian left *really* wants to have Texas.. More than anything in the world.


There seems to be a concerted effort to throw shade on Texas over anything and everything, be it ice storms, food shortages, or mask mandates..

Beta O'Rourke just publicly compared Texas to a "failed state" (FWIW that was not my impression of Texas when I was there).

The Marxist authoritarian left *really* wants to have Texas.. More than anything in the world.
Texas is just the latest in the saga of the unprepared. This stuff happens all over the country. I have seen discussions with members here, blaming the power companies for our little power outage. The point the guy in the video was making is that ultimately the person or the family is responsible for their own well being. Not the government, not the power companies, not the charities, etc.
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The Heretic

JIT works when everything else does, but when something breaks, there are problems.

It is up to the individual to be prepared for their supply line to have problems. Given the lessons of last year, most people should have been prepared for these issues, but it seems that a lot of people ignored the warning signs.


Have them all watch Dennis Praeger's "No Safe Spaces" and hopefully they might learn a lesson about 'victimhood.'
Edit to add: Reagan's statement about the nine most terrifying words were a message to business, much more so than to citizens. Note the deregulation that followed....


Aloha, Mark


C'mon man...If those unemployed Pipeline workers can simply start making and installing solar panels....
.... I'm sure affected Texans should be able to fix their short food supply by simply growing and harvesting taller food. :s0054:
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