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    I'm thinking of trading my M&P9 for a Sig, so I'll see if anyone here wants to. I know I'm new, and that might be scary for some, but I'm more than willing to give you name/address/phone# and anything else that would make you feel comfortable making the transaction.

    Because I'm in no rush to get rid of this, I'm only looking for 4 guns. Condition should be decent, but I know that the value would probably be higher. No cash, as I don't have any. Looking for a straight trade.

    What I have:
    Smith and Wesson M&P9 Full Size. Fired shell casing is dated March 2012 (I think, I'll have to dig around to find it and verify). Has seen maybe 1k rounds. Will include 2x 17 round magazines. Will include at least the SMALL size backstrap as that is what is installed. I have the others, I just need to find them. One note is that the takedown lever spring is missing. It was missing when I got it and never replaced it. It's a non issue except for when you field strip it the lever can fall out. When fully assembled, it isn't going anywhere. Will include original blue case. I'm the only owner of this.


    What I'm looking for:
    Sig Pro 2022 9mm
    Sig 226
    Sig 229
    Sig 220

    I'd like to get 2 magazines (one primary and a back up). Night sights would be great, but I know that makes the gun worth more than what I have.

    So, if you are interested, let me know. I'm moving to Portland on the 17th, and can do a face to face up there. Thanks for looking.
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    Would you trade for a 2500$ laptop
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    Hold your ground and don't give up any value! Most everyone seems to think they have gold right now!!!

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