Ten thumbs up to Albany Rifle and Pistol Club (ARPC)

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by MinnesotaORnewbie, Sep 8, 2013.

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    A friend is going to show me a few places to hunt black-tail this year around the Corvallis area and towards the coast. I have not hunted yet in OR because of being new to the state, unfamiliar of the laws, and of the land. So I saw Albany Rifle and Pistol Club was having hunter sight in this past weekend and the next few to come. $ 5 dollars per gun. My friend had just bought a new Savage .308 and a new scope and had not had a chance to shoot it yet and wanted to get a few rounds in and sight the new scope in. I wanted to make sure my scope was still good and get a few rounds down range as practice. We showed up early morning and were treated as well as if we were members of the Club. We paid our $5 bucks and each of us were assigned to a bench with our own Club member to aid us and supply results with the use of a spotting scope. Both were unexpected for not being a member. WOW. They did not have Jim bob, or squirrel crazy Joe as our spotters. My person was a older gentleman who was a competitive long range shooter who knew everything there is to know on reloading, types of cartridges, types of calibers for any type of big game species in OR, and was truly there to help, not preach, and most importantly to supply any and all of his personal knowledge to each and every person who came to sight their rifle in. I was first a bit shocked since I have not been to a rifle sight in with a spotter and personal assistant since back in 1993 back in Minnesota....especially for $ 5 bucks. We talked about possible ways to sight my rifle in accordingly to the species I was planning on hunting, the type of terrain/length of shots that would be the most common, to a new bullet size and company that I was planning on using for this years OR deer season. Hunting deer for 22 years, I believed I knew as much as I needed for types of guns and calibers down to how to sight my rifle in. I was pleasantly surprised to learn new things which I truly believe will help my ability to be more accurate within a range of 50 yards to 200 yards using the settings we settled with. LOL, I actually felt weird because I almost began to have a man crush during this sight in....to the point that I am going to sign up with the club as a member.
    My friend's new rifle was hardly ready to use. From the factory, it had just about every screw or bolt loose and the scope which was mounted by a "professional" at the store he purchased it from. His volunteer went through his rifle from front to back and also gave him a wealth of new knowledge. I think we were both speechless as we hopped into the car to go home. ABOVE and beyond service and what a great facility. No one there tried to pressure anyone into joining the club. I wish there were more gun businesses like this one who provide a great service and people who truly and accurately want to help you, the customer.
    I don't give plugs very often on businesses but This place deserves one. Thank you ARPC.
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    Great to hear, everything I have heard about APRC has been positive. Good luck on your hunt, I took a nice blacktail out of Philomath a few years ago. Beautiful area to hunt.
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    4 corners rod and gun club has a similar hunter sight in program and I had the same experience there, for those of you in the Salem area. They have a running buck which is fun to shoot at and offer a 200 yrd shot as well.

    Glad the ranges here offer that.
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    I have done the Hunter sight in says at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club (DRRC) for about as long as I can remember. My experience there has alwaysbeen identical to the OPs.
    I can also vouch for the folks at Albany having competed there many times. Top notch folks all the way around.
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    ARPC is a great gun range although I try to stay clear of the rifle range during the hunter sight in days because of the heavy use. ARPC will be adding a couple longer range rifle ranges on the back side of the property in the near future as funds become available.

    The enclosed North bays are great for handguns, .22 rifles and if you want you can shoot AR's but you only have about 50-75 foot distances for the AR's on the North bays. During the wet, windy or inclimate weather months, bring a propane heater and some coffee to get your wife to go to the gun range with you.

    Membership is affordable and members can view the calender on the ARPC website to see when there are events going on to help plan when they might want to use the facilities.

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