Ted Nugent & The Million Gun Owner March

I belong to this site as well, and this was just posted.
"Ted Nugent & The Million Gun Owner March..."

subtitled: "What YOU can do for your gun rights."

February 18th, 2009

Hello, Mike!

I received this email from a member yesterday...

"Please help lead us in the charge against the anti-gunners! Every day I see something from you or from the NRA, and I feel like I am watching a freight train coming at me. I feel so helpless to stop it, and I feel like I can't get out of the way. Please help us "regular Joes" band together and not just complain about new laws, but do something to stop the charge."

Friend, I feel your pain. Often times, even I feel helpless when I think of the anti-gun machine's power and drive. Sympathy is a VERY powerful tool, and it is incredibly easy to use sympathy to pass, what I like to call, "feel good legislation".

Let me explain "feel good legislation" a bit. The other day I accompanied a friend to a speech given about the animal production industry. The speaker sat on a University animal science board (or something), and he was speaking to Animal Science majors about the challenges they face in their industry.

Warning: The story I'm about to share MAY open a big can of worms, but please note that this is not my intention- I will get back to gun rights; It's all related- you'll see! ;)

Let me say this- I am not a farmer, but I love a juicy steak. I like bacon, eggs, milk- basically, I am not a vegetarian. Granted, I have no problem if you chose that way of life (as long as you respect my own decisions, of course).

Anyway, I'm not a farmer, but I like to eat animals, and I recognize that Milk and Eggs don't come from the grocery store- they come from hard working individuals who see the opportunity they have in meeting a demand.

I also believe we have a responsibility and duty to be respectful in the way we harvest these animals- to me, that is just common sense.

Well, during the speech, the speaker talked about how one regulation the 'opposition' is trying to pass is a law that would make it so that a calf couldn't be separated from its mother until a five or six weeks after birth.

It sounded reasonable enough to me, but when all of the students (most of whom you could tell were farmers) gasped, I knew it must be bad.

I later talked to my friend about this comment, and he explained to me how those weeks are the most fruitful period in a cow's milk production, and that to pass such a law would literally cripple the dairy industry.

Can you see why this would scare me? I can TOTALLY picture myself sitting in a voting booth, getting to a proposal that was snuck in that said "Proposition 2 would require farmers to separate cows from their offspring only after five weeks", and thinking to myself, "Sure, that makes sense to me!".

THIS is 'feel good' legislation.

Everyone wants to FEEL like they are doing their part, as long as it doesn't involve any work.

THAT is how, I am pretty sure, most anti-gun bills are passed. When someone who has never been around guns sits in a voting booth and reads:

"Proposal 2 would make it harder for people to commit mass murders by limiting the magazine capacity on assault weapons to ten rounds,"

....who WOULDN'T vote for that?? If you don't know that the phrase "Assault Weapon" is hogwash and that an empty10 round magazine can be replaced with a full one in about .2 seconds, you have NO way of detecting the scentless B.S. in that wording.

See what I mean? If you aren't directly involved in an industry, it can be VERY easy to be "sympathized" by FEEL GOOD legislation.

Okay, I think we're all on the same page.

Now, here's the "Finally- what you can do for your gun rights" part.

Today is a BIG day, because I am telling you about the Million Gun Owner / Second Amendment March! It will be a peaceful demonstration on Washington D.C. that is slated for the Spring of 2010.

The whole idea will be to peacefully show the world that American Gun Owners are GOOD people who simply want to be left alone to live their lives in prosperity and in hot pursuit of happiness.

I didn't come up with the idea, but I have been working with the guy who did- Skip Coryell- a firearms trainer from Michigan.

Now he has Ted Nugent on board, and since Ted Nugent is an AMAZING guy, I really believe this thing is going to materialize into something very, very productive.

The key word in all of this is PEACE. The goal of the Million Gun Owner March will NOT be to intimidate- it will not be a show of force.

It will be to say "Look, world- we're not scary people. We are fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. We are caring, responsible, law-abiding citizens who truly care about the direction of our country, and we just want to tell you that we do care about our God Given and constitutionally recognized rights to self defense and firearm ownership."

I'm sure we'll be hearing a LOT more about the Million Gun Owner / Second Amendment March, and I hope to help you stay 'in the know'.

Skip has orchestrated the creation of a website to keep everyone up to date with, and here's the URL:


The site is very new, and some areas (like the forum) are still under construction. I will let you know when it is ready, and I will also let you know when they have achieved their 'non profit' status and all that stuff.

Okay, that's all for today, friends!

Tim Schmidt
USCCA - Owner / Founder

P.S. - Get prepared while you still can.

FROM: Patrick Kilchermann, USCCA
co author, Beat the Ban.

Friends- I am not an alarmist. On the contrary- I am an iconoclast. My personal policy is to never over-react- period.

That is why I can safely say that NOW is the time to get prepared. ;) Seriously though, let me explain...

1) The biggest stimulus bill to ever burden the American Tax payer was dropped into the Obama-River, and swept away into law before anyone could object.

I don't know about you, but I just have this weird feeling that a trillion-dollar bill would be a LITTLE harder to pass than another gun ban. And, if "Oh Bummer!" could pass this bill in as little time as he did... well, *gulp*.

2) Obama is exactly this much more antigun than Bill Clinton was: ->____________<-.


3) Supplies are running low. It's even harder now to find ammo, magazines, and rifles than it was a month ago when I stocked up.

4) The U.S. Dollar is weakening. Every time our federal government prints off another batch of $100 bills, the amount of ammunition that bill will buy decreases a little bit more. And, if Obama and his stimulus bill has the effect on our economy and the U.S. Dollar that I'm afraid it will... well, your ability to buy supplies might be hindered even further, for lack of tradable currency!

THESE are just few of the reasons why a few of us saw fit to create "Beat the Ban". We wanted to give a launch pad to those of you who want to prepare but aren't sure where to start, what to buy, or how much to buy.

You can get your own copy for free BEFORE they go up for sale by joining the USCCA now using the link below.

I REALLY hope that all the supplies we are buying go to waste in our basements as we live out our days in peace, happiness, and freedom.

But- isn't it better to be safe than sorry?:s0155:


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