Tea Party in Pioneer Square

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    Monday Sept. 7 in Pioneer Square, at 6pm, concerned citizens will be gathering to voice opinions about the State Legislature's newest hack job on the Oregon economy.

    It's a great way to meet with people who share your concerns about what our politicians are doing with our tax dollars.


    For those of you who live and vote in Oregon's 1st Congressional District, the Tea Party will a be a chance to hear from some of the candidates who will be running against David Wu next November.

    There's a guy running on the Republican side, name of John Kuzmanich, who has some very interesting things to say about the current state of affairs, from a perspective of one who thinks the US Constitution isn't exactly being respected in Washington.

    I urge everyone to turn off the tv, pack the kids in the car, and come out and see that there are a LOT of people getting sick of the shenanigans going on in Salem and DC. It's very encouraging to find out that the political left has not quite wrapped up total contol just yet, and being in a crowd of people who aren't afraid to voice their concerns is, frankly, about as good a feeling as you can get in these trying times.
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    I will try to make it. Will there be folks there with petitions to sign to the the tax measures on the ballot? If this is an organized event, will you get any guff from the city of Portland about having to have a permit or some such nonsense?

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