Taylor's & Co. 1874 Sharps .45-70

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    Looking to trade my Taylor's & Co. 1874 Sharps sporting rifle.

    The Good:
    32" HEAVY octagonal barrel.
    Beautifully Case Colored receiver and butt plate.
    It has double set triggers. Once set, the trigger is around 18oz.
    All wood is in near new condition.
    The bore is also in near new condition as well.
    This rifle has less than 100 rounds through it.
    The rifle functions flawlessly and is as accurate as the shooter.
    It also comes with a very nice all leather sling that slides over the butt stock and around the barrel.
    It also comes with a really cool leather scabbard.
    I think I still have the owner's manual, I just need to find it.
    I also have a bunch of brass and a couple live rounds.

    Ok... So here's the bad:
    There was a scope mounted at one time to the rifle. The rear mount came off just fine, though it needs filler screws in the holes.
    So that's not too bad, but this is...
    The front sight mount apparently didn't come off so easily as it is still on there with some knackered screws. I don't know what happened as it was like this when I received it.

    So here's the deal...

    Option A: I'm willing to do a deal with the rifle as-is. Right now it functions flawlessly and the scope mount doesn't get in the way at all.
    Trade value: $850

    Option B: I get the front mount taken care of and filler screws installed and the trade value goes up substantially.
    Trade value: $1000

    I will be glad to email or text photos to anyone who is interested.

    Trade interests: S&W Revolvers(Mostly N frames and .357mag and .44mag) Colt Revolvers, Colt Autos, Pre-1900 Winchesters, Other Old or Interesting Firearms
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    I am interested. please send photos as soon as possible.
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    Whoa there Mr first post. Did you look at the date on this listing? May 2012.

    I suspect three and a half years is a bit long in the tooth for a deal.

    Welcome to the forum though :D
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