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    I was planning on picking up a kel tec next week as a BUG just in case I needed an extra for whatever reason. I was searching buds and noticed Taurus had a couple decent looking handguns for cheap, mainly the PT111 millennium pro and the 709 slim 9mm. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these 2 guns. I'm amazed that they get such little notary in a time when everyone wants something compact.
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    I have and carry the the PT740 (.40 version of the 709). It has been a very good weapon. I have put 1,200+ rounds through it and never a hiccup of any type. It is more accurate than the Walther PPS it replaced and 100 times more reliable. I do not like the trigger, but then I do not like any SA/DA or DA/SA trigger. I do like the size (it is thin), the weight (20 oz), the adjustable sights (3 dot), the grip (comes to hand quick for me) and with the Pearce pinky extension the grip is even better.

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