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Taurus - Thoughts?

If you were looking for a 6” Taurus .357, this would be your ticket:

I have a PT-738 pistol and it has never failed to go bang. I’ve shot probably 200 rounds though it. I know I’m comparing an apple to an orange but it still says Taurus on it. Fit finish and feel all seams on par with every other polymer pistols I own from Ruger and Walter. Maybe even better then the Walter.


I have had numerous Taurus revolvers throughout the years and have never had an issue with one. It's their semi-autos ya gotta watch out for!:D
Ive had 3 Taurus revolvers and they all had to be sent back to the factory, save your self the headache and spend a little more money.


I would be on the lookout for a model 19 S&W 4”barrels are common and they can usually be had for very reasonable money (Taurus or cheaper)

That said I wouldn’t personally shy away from a Taurus, you jist have to realize that the QC is really hit or miss and you have to take that into account when purchasing
My thoughts on Taurus? Run away. Fast. My first revolver was a Taurus. Excellent, but big and heavy. Served me well and I still have it. Taurus revolvers are "probably" okay, but for another hundred or two you can get a Ruger or Smith, so why bother with Taurus? This month I bought three excellent condition Rugers .357s for an average of under $400 each, from 3 different sellers. Why bother with a Taurus?

If your budget only allows for Taurus, inspect very carefully and buy only their clones of Smiths, Colts, and Tracker series. Stay away from any other proprietary and especially their semi-autos.

In seriousness, I've owned probably a dozen Taurus. Two of them were recalled, and one was total junk and disposed of. I still own the rest because resale isn't enough to justify selling. They don't appreciate in value, and never will. Their values tend to plummet.

Their customer service is the worst in almost any industry. I'd suggest reading about them on TaurusArmed and you will see endless complaints from even long-term owners. But beware, the mods there will not tolerate any badmouthing of their brand or they will ban you for speaking ill of their employer.

I will NEVER recommend Taurus or buy another for anything more than disposable money and only upon careful inspection.
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They’re crap. Move along, nothing more to see here.

Seriously though, I owned one Taurus in my life. A revolver too. Terrible gritty DA trigger and lockup was questionable.
Save a little more and get something that will last 2 lifetimes. Ive owned many Taurus products and something was always off about them. Seems like most taurus owners who say they've never had a problem- dont fire more than a few hundred rounds through them!
My one exception is the tcp 380. Ive fired almost every micro 380 on the market extensively and really like the tcp. Still wont trust my life to it because of the bulls*** logo


Looking for a 3-4" .357 mag. Taurus fits my price range, but the fact that they are so much less than S&W and Ruger prices gives me some concern regarding quality.

Any experiences out there with Taurus revolvers?

Never been a wheel gun guy but have had more than a handful over the years. Have had several Taurus pass through. All worked when I bought them both new and used. All were still working fine when they went to new homes. They sell a ton of these and most do work. They are cheaper, often far cheaper, and there is always a trade off here. You are not going to find the same quality action at their price compared to stuff that is a lot more but, chances are the gun will work. What do you want the gun for? Are you going to shoot a few boxes of ammo a year, or are you planing on shooing many K a year? If you are one of the few who really will go through multiple K rounds of ammo then may be better to buy something better. The other "problem" now here is of course if you start with one, then later want a better gun, it's hard to get your money back these days as selling is a PITA unless you are OK with taking a loss. If these guns were as bad as many will try to convince you they are they would no longer sell.


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