Up for grabs is a Taurus PT138 Millenium Pro (.380 ACP). Bought it on a whim, then came to the conclusion that I've got to consolidate calibers in my collection, so this one's gonna have to go. Haven't shot it yet - previous owner put a few hundred rounds through it. One of the mags takes a good slap to lock into place in the magwell. It still cycles fine, so I carry that one in the gun, and the other (which slides in smooth) as the spare mag. Both mags are supposed to be 12rd mags, but the spare mag caps out at 11... not sure why, because it's marked at 12.

Anyway, the package is for:
- The gun
- Both mags
- Plastic case
- Bore brush
- Keys to the built-in locking mechanism on the gun - it works
- 268 rounds of FMJ ammo (various brands)

Price is $400. Here is a stock photo:
PM for pics if you need them.

Will consider trades (+ cash on my end if needed):
- Springfield XD (9mm or 45, thumb safety model preferred)
- Gen 2 or 3 Glock 17, 19, or 26 (prefer the 17 or 19)
- HK USP (9mm or 45)
- KelTec PLR-16
- KelTec SU-16C

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